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Whats The Difference of Vapormax MOC 2 X Acronym And Vapormax1.0 ?

Nike Sportswear is expanding upon their Nike Air VaporMax iD releases which allows everyone to customize a pair to their own liking. And Nike released  the Air Vapormax 1.0 before which  has been  popular in the sneaker world, but what is difference between Vapormax MOC 2 X Acronym and Vapormax1.0 ?

We will check it  out today.


The Vapormax silhouette is getting the spotlight for the second consecutive Air Max Day as this collaboration with German tactical outwear brand ACRONYM lays its sublime touch on the Nike Vapormax Moc 2. This laceless iteration of the stripped down Vapormax comes sans laces, but there’s plenty of detailing that gives this collaboration the punch that only Errolson Hugh can.

Across the uppers we have Flyknit which uses various shades of  black  throughout. In addition we have 3M Reflective used across the Nike Swoosh. Finishing the look is the traditional bubble Air Max sole.

For the material  and ventilation :

Nike and Acronym ® founder Errolson Hugh reimagine the pioneering Nike Air VaporMax. The design desperado tips his hat to the breakthrough sneaker, putting forth a design that evokes the art of disguise and an unexpected vision of the future. So these  two kind of shoes just used the same  material ,the performance  is nice , it is durability and stability.a flexible Flyknit upper placed directly atop a radically reinvented Air cushioning system, Nike Air VaporMax not only defies convention,but delivers a sensation underfoot that seems to defy gravity.
Though these two pair of shoes are the same material , but for the part of ventilation , the ACRONYM will be nice .Maybe the  ACRONYM ‘s air  hole  will be more , but the VaporMax  just small and more air hole , that is cause the ventilation  is not good than the ACRONYM.




For the cushioning : Revolutionary Air cushioning system provides an
unbelievably light, bouncy and flexible feel.but there are different feeling for these shoes .Nike Air VAPORMAX With a flexible Flyknit upper placed directly atop a radically reinvented Air cushioning system, VaporMax not only defies convention, but delivers a sensation underfoot that seems to defygravity. Acronym’s cushioning  also followed the VaporMax, just  it a little bit difference . The ACRONYM air cushion has a shortcoming , that is easy to fall off the paint. He does not wear out like a transparent starting point.

For the traction :  Because of the Vapormax used the same kind of traction , so the performance just similarity .The translucent Air Sole is supposed to look almost like you’re floating,As our  step down, each lug gets pushed into the Air unit, ramping up the pressure ,  and as you step off, the pressure releases, creating that springy bounce.But the  Acronym have been improved than the Vapormax .  Acronym’s air  unit will be small than the Vapormax , that is will be more  stability .


Also theses two pair of shoes no additional structural elements—so there’s nothing, but Air underfoot.That is always the shortcoming for this kind of shoes .

And the grey material of the  outsole is not TPU , so Vapormax have been this TPU again .

The insole is comfortable .

Overall , Vapormax and Acronym. are similarity , but just a little difference , but for me , Acronym will be cool , this one  look like football cleats, silhouette better suited for lean people, makes a squeaky noise when walking on surfaces like hard wood floors or polished tiles.

But for the AIR MAX ,these  a whole new design territory that we have only begun tapping into, it’s an exciting turning point for Air Max.