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Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo Performance Review

The 1990s was a golden era in the design of basketball shoes. AIR MORE UPTEMPO was one of the most characteristic shoes.  The most eye-watching is  “AIR” on both sides of the shoe .Also the MAX AIR cushion instead of the iconic ‘Air’ construction in honor of the huge visible air window that accompanied the classic basketball model.


Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo “Suptempo”

Global Release

Date: April 27th, 2017 (US, Europe)


For the box , the big  NIKE  on the box , it is fashion. the Supreme Uptempos should warrant every bit of attention that follows the pair given the skateshop’s ability to bring quality constructions and an original viewpoint to nearly everything their box logo touches.

Shoe box side with  SUPREME LOGO

There are details of the side .

In addition , reflective piping to the block lettered panels and voilà, the shoe is just as sought after as it was three seconds ago.


Here we see a 360-degree video of an on-foot look courtesy of Instagram user pgknows, and you can clearly make out the reflective 3M piping once the camera flash is turned on.

The Air More Uptempo has always had a special place in my heart, and my closet. It’s a sneaker that looks unlike anything else — and it proudly showcases its tech along the midsole and upper.


It functions mainly as a basketball shoe, but can definitely be worn for more casual activities like just walking around town. you can played it in the court, They’re pretty awesome looking because they are available in really fashionable color schemes. Apart from how aestheticall pleasing the presen-tation of these shoes is, they are durable, breathable, and really comfortable. Thereare alot of wonderful things to say about the Air More Uptempo, so let’s delve into the reasons why this was one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

There are rumors floating around the Internets that Supreme’s work on the Air More Uptempo will follow a similar blueprint to what the brand did with the Air Max 98

The Air More Uptempo is probably on the heavier side because it isnt
built with long distance running in mind, but because of this it is a more durable shoe. We would proba-bly recommend this model to the more casual athlete or for someone who just wants a nice pair of streetwear shoes.

The shoelace prints are: FAMOUS WORLD

For cushioning : Most notably, the midsole is responsible for adding some pep in your step which is interesting since many consumers don’t even consider the makeup of the midsole when shoe shopping. The midsole on this product is equipped with an air bubble unit which is part of what makes the shoes such a joy to walk in. Several critics have described this portion of the footwear as gummy, which is atypical for Nike shoes.Of course, we cannot talk about the midsole without discussing the outsole, which features a stunning tricolor design and the signature AlR written on each side of the shoe. It is composed of rubber for  flexibility. Nike chose to do this rather than a typical waffle style outsole because this is the ideal design for running up and down the basketball court.

For the traction :Perhaps the biggest drawback to these shoes is their inability to function seamlessly on different typesof terrain. Since they are a basketball shoe, they are obviously meant for indoor, flat surfaces, and there-fore probably shouldn’t be worn on hikes or in harsher outdoor environments. At the same time, though,no one is really buying the Air More Uptempo as an outdoor shoe, but rather as a luxury streetwear kindof shoe. This isn’t a huge letdown, but just know that they are not meant for wearing in rougher territory.

Insole followed by printed: SUPREME × NIKE

Used Ortholite insoles

The insoles forefoot width  about 97.23 mm  of  size US 8.5/42

The insoles forefoot thickness  about 5.22 mm  of  size US 8.5/42

Overall, The full length air cushioning delivers great comfortability because it assists in better ventilating the air throughout the shoes. As a result, your feet will not get sweaty or slide around at all which
is pretty much the ultimate end goal. Additionally, the way the Nike designers constructed these kicks also prevents blistering, rashes, or any other kind of discomfort from affecting the wearers feet. Of course, this is only the case when socks are worn with the shoes because without them, your feet are very much susceptible to damage or pain. We mention this because you can get away with going bare-foot in other Nike shoes and not have to worry about these issues.