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Nike Kobe Nxt 360—The first Implementation of Flyknit 360

Last week, Flyknit 360 made its first appearance in Nike Basketball product with Kobe AD NXT 360, debuted by Toronto Raptors guard DeMar Derozan against the Cleveland Cavaliers.With the Raptors facing off against the LeBron James-led Cavaliers. The Kobe AD NXT 360 also was the latest in Kobe’s signature series.

The Kobe AD NXT 360 is the first implementation of Flyknit 360 in Nike’s basketball line and the brand has paired that with new cushioning: a dual-density drop-in React and Lunarlon midsole.In addition they feature dual density drop in foam midsole which is constructed with Nike React technology .

As we know that unguarded shots are easier. However, few people know the specific value between offensive and defensive players (5 feet or 4 feet or 3 feet) , which will affect the hit rate. Fortunately, scientific calculations test it : A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that attacking players VS  a defensive player, each one foot away (about 30 cm) space, shooting percentage Both can rise 2%. Although this number may seem small, this is what is  Kobe’s unlimited possibilities

In order to improve the 2% hit rate, the KOBE NXT 360 is designed with a three-stage structure of Flyknit uppers and a double-density embedded midsole and outsole for excellent stability.

Getting the money requires hitting the bank.Of course, under the background of KOBE 360’s shoes design, the “Bank” here is interpreted as improving the traction and the smoothness of the movement when changing direction. The KOBE sneakers were tested by the Nike NXT team and the Nike Sports Research Laboratory. The performance around the 50-foot-long arc of the three-point line was tested . Tests showed that the sloping uppers of the stilettos could be obtained instantly. Greater strength and speed, this is the key to distance from defenders.

Then in each game, the average running distance of each NBA player is about 4 kilometers, but it is rarely a straight line. They need to constantly cut in and move quickly. Compared to defense, players need to do more than 50%  arcing movement , just like the three point line.


Although there is no direct correlation more then the 2% hit rate and the embedded midsole in the open space, the design around the incision and incline leads to Nike used the density midsole. The embedded design of KOBE NXT 360 balances the performance of Lunarlon foam on the outside, provides a support platform, and matches Nike REACT technology to ensure the comfort of each game.

Usually, each sole layer design will make the shoes more and more stability and it is more difficult to pull away from the defensive player. The wraparound Flyknit  structure of the KOBE NXT 360  will be lockdown the feet,the improvement of the fit not only succeeds in making the embedded midsole more conform to the ground,lockdown is the highlight of the NXT and it is truly fantastic.  But also enhances the sense of wrapping of the shoes and reduces the sliding of the feet.

For the traction , it is seems followed the Kobe A.D. — which is the only performance feature the NXT has in common with the original A.D, seems it is not eays to keep If dust was present there would be some wiping needed periodically.




Overall,  Kobe AD NXT 360 shown features Black uppers which more comfortable , iridescent on the branding,Also it is the first Implementation of Flyknit 360, I am expecting it for a long time . It will retail for $200 on April 13,Dont miss it .

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Nike Kobe 11 Performance Review

For the Kobe 11, that is my favorite shoes since I was in high school, I’ve played in every Kobe from I to X and find it plays very most similarly to the IX . It was popular for this one . Eric Avar has adopted a low-profile design and uses  Flyknit material, which is tougher and firmer to provide better protection. The midsole still used Lunarlon in the forefoot.

Today we will take about it .

For the box ,it was simply with all black .

For the material : again the  FlyKnit used , This provides the flexibility that one expects from FlyKnit, but provides a lot of structure and’s almost executed perfectly this time around. It’s not raw FlyKnit. Also the TPU used , it is nice setting up.

Id text and patterns. The text is abbreviation and bryant, the number is a birthday. It is also a coincidence that we are the same birthday, I like this design anyway.

For the traction : As usually Kobe 11 is simply but it work well.They gripped on courts is nice , but it is need in the inside of court, the performance is great. I can also tell you that the weird spine that travels down the middle of the outsole saves the shoe when traction is less than desirable. The grip performance was a surprise to me when  I went to the rubber field where I often play. Although the grip I was still dripping in the dribble. There was no skidding compared to my aj31.That section grips when the other section doesn’t. So, the more force that is applied the better that section will bite the floor. but if you are playing outside , maybe the dust will be a problem .How will you know which floors the shoes will be compatible with? There is only one way to find out,just played

The Lunarlon itself isn’t as soft as the 8 but it is amazing for 11. I was thinking to the 9 which a little harder . It’s s nice medium between the two. It also play a little lower to the ground than the 9 about as low as the 8. It work well in the court. all in all ,I like  this setting up.

I like the cushion setup in terms in fluidity and transition. For me,I’d rather have full Lunarlon or full Zoom Air. Again, both of these setups are available.though the price is higher , Some may really enjoy the combo setup ,it willl be a little bounce when you playing . Casually, I think it’s great 。

Overall , the fit to be perfect. The midfoot fits perfectly, and the tongue feels amazing when laced up tightly.

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Off White x Nike Hyperdunk Recat 2017 Performance Review

The Off-White Nike React Hyperdunk looks totally unique and barely resembles the original silhouette. it was the most popular in last year , so we are talking about it.

Here we take a closer look at the Off-White x Nike React Hyperdunk. it is amazing colorway .This unique and cutting-edge silhouette comes at the hands of Virgil Abloh as part of his collaborative 10-piece collection alongside Nike.

The most special design is in  true form, Virgil Abloh strays from convention and manages to create something which sits in a league of its own.

The basketball silhouette instantly grabs attention with the lettering “FOAM” written across the white midsole which just the start as this shoe features striking detailing across the upper.

The soft white coloured mesh gets hit with a black coloured Swoosh and vibrant orange detailing features to the sidewall.

For the traction :A synthetic translucent cage adds further support and “SHOELACES” insignia is another not-so subtle nod to industrial design influences. For the material, it is soft and comfortable .I can feel it seems like the Adidas tech .As with each shoe in the Off-White x Nike collection, a synthetic cable tie finishes also nice .

There are some difficulties in putting on the feet, but after putting on the shoes, the shoes are still very close to the feet. it has been added to a short strap in comparison to the regular version, which is actually very practical and can adjust the tightness of the upper cover.

There are differs from the regular version for adding a layer of Flyknit, which makes the strength of the shoe upper stronger and more secure. but I can feel it will be more pressure .

For the cushioning: The new  technology of Recat feeling great. Compare with the Crazyex plosive2017 , this one also nice .The Crazyex plosive2017 with  full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the Boost. the boost is amazing ,but for Nike Off White Recat Hyperdunk 2017  must be the great cushion with soft and have a great bounce shoes.

For the supporting : the support comes directly from the  material and fit, for the fitting,it  was wonderful once fully broken in. Then the Flyknit wrapping your foot, internal heel counter, and ankle pillows provide balance and stability. it is great ,the logger time will be short  when stat. we can move and act asap .

Overall,The Off White Nike Recat Hyperdunk 2017  actually nice from the fit and support to the traction and materials,also the cushioning  the build is well thought out and executed.

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Nike Lebron 14 Performance Review

While LeBron James is left to contemplate the Cleveland Cavaliers’ summer acquisitions, or lack thereof, his signature Nike LeBron 14 Low continues on with its summertime remix trajectory.For this shoes , it has  been my dream shoes .LBJ is one of the most popular NBA players, so it’s no surprise that each and every year LeBron’s signature shoe line gets huge amount of attention.So everything about James, I want to share with you.

For the box, it is just normal with black colorway.

For the material , the upper covered with foam & mesh combo with fuse overlays in high pressure areas for better lateral stability.There is a full inner sleeve for a snug fit as well as Flywire for lockdown.I like the  great flexibility, lovely comfort feel . It’s a nice addition to this model because the past models of The LeBron’s signature line had hard , for the material  it is a restricted uppers which  doesn’t restrict your natural feet movements, you are getting better transition and more enjoyable feel while playing

For the traction :The LeBron 14 gripped the floor nicely, solid move coverage and nice stopping power.but it is too stiff.Then the Nike translucent rubber is not easy to keep it .


We can see more details from here .

For the  supporting : Some parts of supporting  is from the internal and external heel counters .The fuse backing is too soft to keep your forefoot in place while doing quick stops or moves.Then the midsole and outrigger lack of stability since the outrigger is rounded and not very aggressive. So maybe if you are mind it , maybe it is the best choice for you .overall, the back area of the shoe has great support but the forefoot area could be much better. it is nice .

For the cushioning :  What exactly are you getting of  the cushioning gets ? Some shoes, like Crazyquick, needed to have firmer, more flexible cushioning in order to make the shoe perform at a high level.but for the lbron14 ,Hex Zoom Air units are back again but this time the units are even larger and thicker.The LEBRON shoes  had very solid cushion systems  that we know ,but the main problem was that the Zoom Air units were encased in hard rubber. For me , the Zoom Air units were not capable to perform as they should, I can feel the great performance on the court. In this case, the LeBron 14 Air units are encased too, but now the rubber is much softer. So you are getting more powerful impact protection and big bounce, especially in the heel area. It is a firm but the cushion tooling in LeBron 14 performed better than the past LeBron 13 model.

There is a logo  on the tongue.



Overall: The best parts of  the shoe are cushion setup with great impact protection and the upper with flexible materials. then the traction is nice but a little stiff, for the supporting  , also it is great.

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Air Jordan Why Not 1 Performance Review

Russell Westbrook has been Jordan Brand’s premier athlete for years now and it has left fans wondering when he would be honored with his first signature shoe.

So today we are talking about the Why not 1

The Why Not Zer0.1 emulates Westbrook’s competitive attitude on the court, his tendency to run at a challenge head first rather than shying away from it. Serving a dual purpose, the upcoming silhouette fits the reigning MVP’s drastic demands on the court while suiting his eccentric personal style off the court. Always playing on his toes, Westbrook needs added stability to his sole unit in order to minimize response when he makes one of his quick twitch drives to the basket he has become famous for. In order to come up with the perfect fit, Westbrook worked closely with Jordan Brand’s design team and Thunder equipment manager, Wilson Taylor, going through multiple rounds of wear-testing to get it exactly right.

For the traction :Traction on this  colorway was so good that I can only imagine how much better the traction might bite the floor with solid rubber. Jordan brand took the Nike micro traction idea and ran with it to turn the outsole into a super micro traction set up. The rubber has just the right amount of pliability and just brushes dirt away.

I’m a big fan of this micro pattern because it allows each little blade to act like a brush by flexing and pushing dirt away.

Initially though, I wasn’t that impressed with the traction because it just didn’t have a lot of bite but over time, it started grabbing the floor better. Thanks to the micro blades, the shoe required very minimal wiping. Even on the worst floor I play on, I never slipped which is what you want out of traction. Left, right, front, back, it was just stop and go with almost no wiping. I’m undecided if this is top tier but I’m really leaning that way today.




For the cushioning :

The Why Not Zer0.1 uses full-length Zoom Air bottom-loaded into a bulky Phylon midsole. Believe it or not, this setup felt awesome — especially in the forefoot.The midsole that rests between the bottom of your foot and the top of the Zoom unit is very thin.

The Zoom is bottom loaded and under a decent chunk of Phlyon. If you’re expecting that Zoom BB or AJ 31 feeling you’ll be disappointed because the Zoom isn’t protruding like the AJXXX1 so there is no mechanism to push the Zoom upwards into your foot.And he Zoom isn’t top loaded or using a cloth strobel like the Zoom BB.But just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it isn’t there or working. But boy would these be a lot more fun if they felt Zoomier underfoot.

we can see the data for the midsole , it is comfortable 

For the material : The materials you see here are like a fuse but feel more like a vinyl. the Why Not and it works fine especially with the additional strength the shroud gives the upper. It’s really what you’d expect on a shoe this price.This allowed the materials to flex and move beautifully with the foot while still retaining strength and durability that you typically receive from TPU builds.

There is the jordan logo on the upper.

For the supporting ;The design of the midsole, outsole, and the fit all play into the support nicely. The wide flat base promotes a ton of stability, while the bulky midsole acts as one of the gnarliest outriggers of all-time.

This heel counter also moves into the middle of the midsole and helps stabilize it — so much so that it’s hard as hell to twist the midsole or fold it in half. I say this because the shoe doesn’t feature a shank, something I was concerned with until I played in it.

Stability is fantastic because the shoe is extra wide and feels almost like your playing in a waffle iron. Both the Dame 4 and Whynot feature wide outsoles for stability.

It sits ultra flat and low to the ground thanks to the cushioning set up and it isn’t overly mushy like some foams can get. Just a quick, stable, and safe feeling set up.

Personally, I really like playing in this shoe but I don’t love it even though it fit my very game very well. I found the cushioning a bit of a snoozer compared to other cushioning set ups and the shoe itself felt more shoeish than I prefer. I swapped out the Why Not with the Dame 4 and Curry 2 one night and those two shoes just brought the fun factor back. Even if it’s not the most fun shoe for me, I will say it’s trustworthy and reliable on the court which is all you can ask for sometimes.

Overall , It a fantastic shoe,The Why Not Zero.1 is a very nice start for Westbrook’s signature line from a performance standpoint.I had a tough time trying to pick where these should go since technically it performs well even if it doesn’t get me excited. I’ll put these on the second team for the time being. Great on court but just not something I really want to reach for.

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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Performance Review

The first of these shoes should be Wall’s third pair of shoes, and unfortunately Wall’s contract with Adidas . However, Adidas didn’t give up those sneakers that were good in performance. So luckily, we could see the birth of Crazy Explosive series.

Crazy Explosive is endorsed by Andrew Wiggins, while Boost’s excellent cushioning, Geofit’s inner shoe’s sense of comfort and external shoe design support make these shoes one of the most popular sneakers in the summer of 2016. After that, Crazy Explosive Low was born, allowing more players to choose their shoes.

And what we’re going to see today is the latest Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit

With all of the success that Boost has brought adidas Running and adidas Originals, the brand’s basketball imprint is still leagues behind the juggernaut that is Nike Basketball. It’s not too hard to see why with the Swoosh’s signature athletes ranging from LeBron, KD, Kyrie, and Paul George. But that might all change soon thanks to the upcoming adidas Crazy Explosive 17, a shoe that we’re excited to see both on and off the court thanks to a sleek woven Primeknit upper, full-length Boost cushioning with a sleek TPU overlay, and a sock-like ankle collar that rivals last year Hyperdunk 2017 Elite. 

For the material : the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit outsole looks a lot like an ant farm so I have dubbed the pattern then “ants in a maze traction pattern.” Though the Primeknit shoe upper part is added to the outside, the filling inside is still thick enough to be believed, so the wrapping  and comfort level is improved. The internal fillings extend to the ankle part and give the ankle certain pressure protection without the built-in / external TPU.

The collar of the shoe sock at the extension is  not the most important for this shoes . Here, adidas has designed the shoe collar more wider and improve the convenience to wear and tear. It has also help  a lot for the stronger friends (such as me) , because of  we need more protection.


For the supporting :Support is nice . Like last version, the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017  has a pretty broad base. especially  if your foot sits inside of the TPU roll cage to offer the lateral support, then you will  love it .There is also the huge infinity shank plate to keep you stable and boost torsional rigidity.  but  for the Jordan’s fans , it is not enough for the material is soft .

For the traction: the traction actually nice , but it is not easy to keep  for the material. ‘Ants in a maze traction pattern”  for some Jordan’s fans , actually it is not good , the material actually a little soft . the traction was cutting through the dust like a hot knife to a stick of butter! I was out there wood grain grippin’ and wiping was very minimal. but it will performance great in the court.

For the cushioning : The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit retains the same setup as last year’s Crazy Explosive — full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the is still  used the Adidas tech  that we love . I have to say it is nice , the TPU cage actually performance well in the court ,also the full length is amazing.

Overall:The adidas Crazy Explosive 2017  is nice ! I love this thing like crazy and it is by far my favorite hoop shoe of 2017 so far.  also the white colorway is not easy to keep clean, It’s number one in my rotation and I’m pretty sure it will be in many of yours as well.

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Harden Vol.2 Performance Review

James Harden signed a $ 200 million contract with Adidas for 13 years in 2015 and launched a signature sneaker. Harden Vol.1 special design , comfortable foot feeling, good protection and supportive, it attracted a lot of people since released .With the Harden Vol.2 photos throughout the internet, it still using low to help design, knit uppers and full-length BOOST technology.  let’s look at some details of shoes.

For the boxes ,it is just with black color way with gold logo.

there are some details of the side

As part of the brand’s epic “Calling All Creators” spot that was unveiled yesterday, adidas quietly debuted the Rockets star’s new sneaker in a bright orange melon upper with tropical graphics and a black Boost composition.

For the material : Mesh and synthetics are used whereas jacquard knit and thick leather or suede were used on most of the Harden Vol 1 colorways. The materials feel like a slight downgrade. compare with the Vol.1, it is improve for this material, it is amazing , and it followed the Adidas tech. for this colorway with a melon-colored upper and tropical graphics

For the supporting : the supporting is nice , compare with Vol,1, it is great . Torsional support is in place with the TPU plate, that is great for playing . And an internal heel counter keeps your heel on the foot-bed, and the TPU cage encases the Boost midsole to help a lot  at any point in the game.

For the traction :the pattern of traction was designed by the James. Not everyone moves like Harden, and that could’ve been a big problem when it came down to how well the traction would perform for everyone else. but the grip is nice , and comfortable

For the cushioning :  The Ultra Boost is nice great. it is still followed the Adidas boost . that is great , if you are fan of Adidas , that is good , but if you are a fan of Jordans , maybe it is not good for you, because of it is a little  soft ,for me ,I don’t mind firmer setups unless I’m playing for more than two hours. With low profile Boost like this I can play for a little more than three hours before I start to feel it in my knees.

tongue with large mesh material to increase breathability

A large area on both sides of the shoe body of composite materials to improve support and package, vaguely a little similar with  Lillard 3

Low to help design, heel shoes will help to wear off

BOOST material to add rubber material package, enhance stability

BOOST material used , it work a lot .

Red insole, printed with Harden Vol.2

UK 8½ insole about 277 mm

UK 8½ insole forefoot width 94.67 mm

for the weight , UK 8½ size of  shoes about 479.1 grams

Overall,Traction, cushion, materials, fit, support are amazing , I like it very much ,but compare with the Jordans’s. it is different. adidas has found a way to give us everything it’s got and fine tune each product to suit different needs. If you favor court feel and mobility then the Harden Vol. 1 has you covered. Need something a bit more plush, but Vol.2 is great then Vol.1, whatever the cushioning, and supporting .

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Nike Air Foamposite One “Royal Blue” Performance Review

Nike Air Foamposite One was made famous by Penny Hardaway and a college Mike Bibby (he broke them out during his NCAA March Madness run in 1997 despite the Royal Blue shade being a bit lighter than his Arizona uniform).For the “Royal Blue”, it is make up  with comfort and easy style. The shoe’s design is arresting and unique. Although the shoe runs narrow and small, most feel that this could be remedied by going up a half to a full size higher.

Today we are talking about it.

Nike Air Foamposite One “Royal Blue”  has been a groundbreaking release in the past with a cult-following in certain cities – just listen to basically any Wale song to hear the DMV native talk about the model’s importance throughout Washington D.C. The colorway is amazing  and it is look so cool .the colors look much more vibrant in person, especially in the sunlight and it can  go with most types of clothes.

For the material : actually the foam material is harder , if  you  like the Adidas material which soft and comfortable ,maybe this is not the one you are looking for. it is not comfortable but it will help a lot for supporting and protection .and the lace system is great to lockdown your feet.A couple of individuals stated that the 3M laces were the ‘cherry on top’ of an already good thing.

For the supporting ,the  supporting is amazing , some of supporting  from the material , it is look great .Carbon Fiber used can give us more feeling and the great supporting .It would have been better had the heel fit properly but maybe it can’t have everything we want now can we.

For the cushioning :  I can not feeling it actually , and it is not good …..if you are looking for the great cushioning setting , maybe it not the best choice for you .. Having the double last midsole is addition to the stiff upper is like trying to run with bricks attached to your feet. I don’t like it .

For the traction : this is the best part that I like. The Air Foamposite One’s soles had good is clearly but simple. it just wasn’t ideal for indoor courts unless they are kept perfectly clean.the grip is amazing . and also it followed the last version and seems a little improve for the material . Front to back they were decent at best but players often need stable traction for every direction other than front to back.  if you are a Guard running around ,maybe it great for you.  If the shoe offered more flex or range of motion then maybe things would have been different .Outdoors may prove useful if the court has a bit of texture to it, so you can try it outdoors



Overall, the colorway is amazing , and  the heel lockdown I would have preferred the shoe to not feature a double last midsole. so if you like it , dont miss it .

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Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Performance Review

This principle that Westbrook’s “Why Not?” Attitude.Westbrook has followed a simple guiding principle: “If I face a challenge, I run at it — not away from it,”  With the introduction of JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0.1— his first pair of  personal signature shoe, we can feel more of his  distinct personality and a dynamic style of play.

For the box , it is match with shoes  , the box have the personal  logo .

there are the details of the side

Seal on the lid

Russell Westbrook has been Jordan Brand’s premier athlete for years now and it has left fans wondering when he would be honored with his first signature shoe. Well, that wait is finally over as Nike and the Jumpman ready themselves to introduce the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 – the first shoe in what should be a bountiful line for the all-world point guard.


For the material, Why Not Zer0.1 used the good leather a wth fused mesh upper, smooth vamp cover it . this is designed for Westbrook, he  always playing on his toes, so he needs added stability to his sole unit in order to minimize response when he makes one of his quick twitch drives to the basket. In order to come up with the perfect fit, Westbrook worked closely with Jordan Brand’s design team and Thunder equipment manager, Wilson Taylor, going through multiple rounds of wear-testing to get it exactly right. and finally , this one is released .For me ,it is amazing , the material is comfortable and the court feeling is amazing , I can do what I want to do .especially when I quick drives to the basket. I like it very much.

The heel counter is stiff foam and never really broke in while wearing. It was good for support but bad for getting your foot in the shoe. but it is just a little stiff. but there is a foam, so it comfortable .On the plus side, the counter/heel is lined by some seriously thick padding that helps with lockdown and keeping that counter from rubbing your ankle until you bleed.

we can see the details as below : 

Heat fusion technology will be separated from the vamp, revealing the real hidden shoes, then we can see the lace system , it is not easy  to replace.

Then the  tongue is 3M and the “Why Not?” graphic should be on the outside (it needs to be seen). Overall, nothing new in the materials, but dang they work.

So the lace system , it is not like the last version , seems  this design is great .The lacing system is special  which used  the Flightweb system that is almost exactly the same as the Air Jordan 29 under the fuse cover. For me ,  you get a thin fuse that has no stretch at all over the foot and it works well for  containment, bad for sweaty feet, also it look nice for this design , it is easy to adjust and take off. Jordan Brand could change the whole perception of this shoe with printed graphics on the cover.

The laces are a quick-pull system using the Flightweb integration and completely pull the inside mesh onto the foot. The heel counter is lined with thick padding, as is the ankle area which it can lockdown your feet.

we can see the insole , it is great and comfortable . 

the non-woven cloth insole , printed with shoes information of Jordans . 

the details of the  insole  between with the full length parts

the different of Zoom air cushioning .  AJ12(pic left)AJ31(pic middle )ZER0.1(pic right), we can see the difference length for the cushioning , the zero 1 will be longer .

Russ’s on-court debut is a PE version of the “Mirror Image” colorway, a style that displays his desire to tell personal stories through colorways. Each shoe uses cut out images to represent Michael Jordan (left) and Russell Westbrook (right).

For the supporting : it is nice ,the support features are basic throughout and material. An internal shank is at the midfoot for some minor torsional support while the heel has an internal heel counter. Tooling isn’t flat, by any means, but it’s wide and cradles your foot well.  for me , it can help me a lot , especial when I quick driver , it can help me lockdown my ankle . it is nice .

The midfoot/forefoot is supported by the lacing and the upper material , also com from the footbed in either direction. The Phylon midsole rises up over the sides of your foot to hold you tight , the most important is the  sole it flares out dramatically to give the Zer0.1 one of the largest outriggers ever, this is the best part that I would prefer.

The design of the shoes is fashion , for the this model that  natural feel with the edge being rounded and not cut off sharply. It is will be attached by a lot of young people . and for the set up—Phylon and Zoom keep you from bending the wrong way.since  the shoe doesn’t bend in the toe-to-heel direction at a drastic angle, it is nice .

The transition is smooth ,so we can feel more responsive and  direction changes and quick jump in clean court.. The full-length Zoom gives the foot a consistent platform through your step and the low ride feels fast and it must be popular for 2018 year

we can see the details of the shoes upper , there are the” why not ?”logo there  is printed with Westbrook  personal LOGO at the ankle

Reflective tongue printed with: Why Not?

there are the double-layer design

Foam on both sides of the upper to  firmly locked ankle

And the special design of the lace system .

and there is the details of inside



Designed for the  CMP (compression-molded phylon) of integrated heel

Followed by the rubber material printed on: ENGINEERED FOR FLIGHT

For the traction : WHY NOT used the good rubber which can move the grip . and there is a jumpen logo that as highlight . Aggressive herringbone is featured from heel to toe along with two multi-directional pods. It is like the kyrie 3  which herringbone and  pods are intended to allow the wearer to grip the court while swiftly changing direction while the herringbone covers linear movements. it is great . I love it very much .


there are the ‘R•R•S  KB3  R•N•N   ‘ in the insole 

For the cushioning : the Why Not Zer0.1 have a good cushioning , it serves an aesthetic purpose as well, as Brodie’s off-court wardrobe is a story to follow in is used the full-length Zoom Air unit and a compression-molded pylon foam piece engineered for flight.That is amazing .We can feel the  stability over the sole unit, such that no added movement minimizes response when shifting direction or getting maximum bounce to the rack. it is totally meet the required of Westbrook  that specific performance needs and Jordan Brand soul. how about you think ?

So how about the Phylon surrounding the unit? That’s definitely going to need a little time to break that in.The midsole a little like  the Jordan 32 which quick to  start and once broken in, but once it gets going and starts creasing you will get a responsive rocket ride that is low enough for quick guards and won’t hurt when you land. for the  Zoom , it has been around for over 20 years, but when done right, there are very few cushioning systems that can compete with it in the basketball market.

we can see the data of zoom air cushioning data . including the length ,weight , thickness . 

for the weight , we can see the below :

actually it is not more weight , it is lighter then last version .

For the fit,  It is true size ,  but for the wilder footer ,  The width is perfect for normal to semi-wide feet (mine are slightly wide), and the heel counter completely locks your ankle and rear foot in place.


Overall,It is perfect ,  captures both Westbrook’s game-changing presence on both sides of the court and the design’s eye-catching contrast from smooth vamp to jagged heel. Like Westbrook’s playing and off-court looks,and the special colorway and nice material , the great supporting , perfect cushioning , it is perfect, just like he said :”This shoe is futuristic and something that people will take a double look at,”.If you are looking for great fit and support, great cushioning, and (almost) great traction, you have got to check this shoe out. From guards to big men, the shoe just works. It is a basketball players shoe, and it does everything on court that a shoe should do. So dont miss it .

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Nike LeBron Ambassador 10(X) Performance Review

LeBron’s shoes will be a lot colorways  than other series. the cheaper and still-popular— Witness, the low version of the lebron. As much as Soldier’s cushioning and low-cut design which give LeBron fans a lot of opportunities to buy.


Nike LeBron Ambassador X look similar with 9 ,Almost the same outsole  and texture ,but there is  a little  different  design of the shoe. whether it is the new set-up, or a special strap design or  update cushioning ,all of these have been become a new popular shoes in this sneaker world.The Nike Ambassador X has all it takes to play some good basketball including a front and back Zoom Air and a fitted bootie construction. It’s a budget shoe compared to the LeBron 15 and Soldier 11, but holds its own on the basketball court.

For the traction :With the XDR rubber outsole and its traction pattern and a diamond grid traction pattern with strategically placed herringbone waves  used .The traction works  well. Personly ,I think the outrigger is not outlandish but responsive with direct contact. The wrap-around along the lateral traction helps with hard cuts without losing any transitional movement either. overall , it is great .

There is a 23  number  on the bottom 

There is a special design of strap that follow last version .We would have liked it to play the same role as the Kyrie 2 Velcro strap, but seems it have nothing  to provide support.

The strap of the shoes will be lockdown more for  thin player  (because the straps can provide the support ), and for many wilder player , I dont think it better   ,they just “barely able Feel oppressed for feet “only. The role of straps just  fixed shoelace in order to avoid to  loose shoelace in practice,that is will be good .

Of course, in addition to the tight of wrapping ,  socks design can be good at wrapping and protection . Tiger flutter launched the best city theme elite socks is a very cost-effective choice. High top design plus 3D imitation ankle perfect wrap your feet, while the thick texture of socks models can support warm . 

For cushioning : Forefoot and heel Zoom used , it is amazing . This type of cushion setup should be the standard, regardless of any model. There was absolutely no break-in time needed, especially because the cushion is responsive right out of the box.

That outsole, is comprised of Nike’s signature XDR rubber, which is made specifically for player on outdoor courts that are typically unkind to the pliable rubber on the bottom.

The forefoot Zoom Air bag is slightly bigger along the forefoot which  plant heavily on the ball of their feet will definitely will feel the cushion.

we can see the logo of the tongue and midsole .and the midsole TPU actually can not twist it. Because the  TPU  basically traverses the midsole to support, and  thickness and hardness of the cushioning can provide the supporting .

For the supporting : the cushioning is great ,but it from the cushioning and materail , also the strap will ca offer the supporting  .The fit was great with its awesome lacing setup, while the cushioning was more than adequate.  The XDR rubber traction really great to the ground without restricting me from stop and go movement.

Overall, he Ambassador X is simply a fantastic shoe. While it is a little  differs from the Ambassador 9, it features many similarities that continue to provide consistent performance. Everything you need in a Nike basketball shoe, for the  cushion, materials, traction, support, fit are great .