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Nike KD 9 iD Sports Golden State Performance Review

Well, Kevin Durant is officially joining the Golden State Warriors. I’m  happy about it, but still; new team calls for themed kicks. Thankfully, the Nike KD 9 iD is ready to meet that need.

Many friends told me that KD9 is their best practical shoes in 2016 many times. For me, the disappointing performance of KD8 has always made me  resistant to try KD9, Finally ,a suitable price, a rare color scheme, all of these are become a chance to try it .This  ID color scheme is special.The customizable edition of the KD 9 is officially available with GSW’s signature palette. Kevin Durant used to play in the Las Vegas warm-up game before the season. I prefer the simplicity of the KD9 ID.


Compared to the Zoom Air midsole of KD8 , the KD9 will be greater. From the beginning of on foot, you can feel that the midsole more suitable and comfortable. Compared to the LeBron 12’s Zoom Air, the KD9’s full-length Zoom Air has more independence and free . KD9’s 10mm Zoom Air rebound in front of the foot ,that is  completely eliminating my original doubt about KD9. Even compared to the Jordan XXXI  which using the FlightSpeed system, I think the KD9 is slightly more reactive.

Reactivity score: 4.5/5



The full-length Zoom Air used , KD9 features a 16mm zoom air .  I can feel the full  responsive when running , just like the feeling of on Air Max, but without the hysteresis of Air Max. For the defenders , the KD9’s suspension is fully responsive.

Shock absorber rating: 4.5/5





Fitting and supporting :

In addition to the excellent cushioning of  Zoom Air, the highlight of KD 9  is the Flyknit upper.White, blue and gold are now available on the acclaimed Flyknit hoops silhouette, with a multicolored option even surfacing momentarily. If memory serves, people are OK with multicolored Flyknit. For the wider foot , it is a pity that the toe will be more narrow. Then the support is not as good as the KOBE XI Flyknit upper with the TPU . In particular, the shoelace hole has almost no function of locking or tightening, which further reduces the stability of the KD9 shoe . KD9’s upper design, I think the Flyknit upper need to be improve. For me, this is one of the important reasons why KD9 can’t be a Top 1 in my heart.

Cohesion and support score: 3.5/5


It is used the hexagonal pattern, the grip of the KD9 is quite good. Even on the dusty wooden floor, the grip is nice.The transparent material of the KD9 outsole is still very good. But as usually the same others pattern , the traction is not easy too keep clean.the gripping  is significantly improved compared to the KD8.

Grip score : 4/5


The one-piece booties  tongue has been removed. Although it takes a little more time to on foot , the comfort of wearing is really is worth ,perhaps the best Nike number of shoes in the near future.

Comfort rating: 4.5/5




KD9’s soft outsole material provides excellent grip, but its durability is rigorously tested. For the indoor wood floors, the court feeling  very noticeable. Of course, I don’t recommend everyone play a KD9 to fight outside, it is will be more stiff.Although the tragedy of the forefoot reported by everyone on the Internet  that the air unit will be broken.

Durability rating: 3/5



In summary, KD9’s full-length Zoom Air is once again exciting for Nike cushion  Technology. Since Jordan XX8, KD9’s cushioning and responsive made me feel great in the Nike basketball series for a long time. Although the integrated Flyknit has quite good comfort, the lacing system that can’t support the performance .Coupled with the weak performance of durability, KD9 can not be the top 1 of my heart in 2016. But for me, I personally like KD9,the Zoom Air design that made me amazing again.

Overall rating: 4.3/5