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Jordan Fly Lockdown Deconstructed Report

The Jordan Fly Lockdown is the newest style of this season ,it  features a lightweight textile construction and Nike Zoom Air cushioning for comfortable containment and a responsive feel. So this one is popular once released . Especially for the runner , all of them are keen on this style of shoes , also it is the great basketball shoes , so today we will check it .

We can see the constructed of the shoes  from this picture ,Forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion, arch TPU support plate.

For the material : it is used the leather, synthetic, and textile upper which provides you more supportive.maybe the  lightweight injected Phylon (IP) providing lateral stability when playing but allowing the toebox to flex freely while running. The Jordan Fly Lockdown is extremely performance well  especial when you running, so this one is popular in the running shoes market.

Here are the details as below:

There are the soft knits inside which make the shoes more comfortable.


We can see the lace system clearly .The lacing system is both traditional and internal, but it’s straight-forward; then the lace system  allows the shoe to be pulled easily around the foot.  so we can adjust it easy .There is also the webbing which is integrated to the laces to provide the maximum lockdown feel and support.

Then we can see the constructed of the  boost— Zoom Air and injected Phylon have been around the boost .

We can’t felt a lot for the response  , The forefoot Zoom feels bottom-loaded , but we can’t felt the impact when playing the forefoot feels low . Coupled with the great forefoot traction the Fly Lockdown is one of the quickest-feeling shoes I have played in recently. if you are like the feeling of impaction and responsive ,maybe the Adidas shoes will be the best choice .


The  middle bottom fabric is made of non-woven fabric

ZOOM AIR cushion and arch TPU support plate under midsole cloth

There are the  data of zoom,  the length  forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion about 50.48 mm for the size us 9.

The width of forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion about 78.8 mm for the size us 9.


The front of  foot arch shape TPU support plate

The back of  foot arch shape TPU support plate

Then the data of TPU support plate as below :


We can see the PHYLON material ,the midfoot and heel are just Phylon, but whatever Nike has decided to do with its normal budget foam lately,  When Phylon first appeared it was a softer carrier and it felt great underfoot.

For the traction : Circles and herringbone designed this time .

There are the data of midsole.  The lateral midsole sculpting may be the craziest I’ve ever seen — the Phylon wings on the heel and forefoot overlap and extend like a roof over the sides.

For the midsole date, here the constructed picture  of PG1、PG2、LOCKDOWN.

All of styles have been used the ZOOM AIR cushion with arch TPU support plateconfiguration

Compare with  three styles of TPU support plate, the PG1 will be bigger then others .

Three shoes have the same shape :
PG1: about 83.59 mm wide and about 8.10 mm thick
PG2: width about 83.41 mm, thickness about 11.05 mm
LOCKDOWN: width 78.80, thickness about 8.36 mm

So according the  above data and comparison , the Fly lockdown’s forefoot Zoom feels  nice which we can got the bottom-loaded and  it  can quickly responsive , but the PG 1 ,2 will be better.

Overall,It is a lightweight and has comfortable containment with a responsive feel ,also theZoom air cushioning performance well .This is the year Jordan Brand has offered great performance for every player