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Air Jordan 32 CNY Performance Review

The beginning of each calendar year tends to be filled with a plethora of Chinese New Year selections from some of the industry’s top brands.Before the Jordan Brand ireleased a celebratory pack consisting of the Air Jordan 6 ‘CNY’, Also that means the CNY  will be share the China market.For the Air Jordan 32 CNY  symbolizes the new year’s fireworks as an inspiration, presenting the colorful features of the fireworks on the pure black upper, and adding a golden flower full of festival joyful and gorgeous embroidery to show another spirit of the high spirit.

But how about the performance for this shoe? We will check it today.


Test time:A week
Test site: indoor board , indoor PU
I am 178 cm and 81 kg weight.The main way to play:  three points.I played a week , then I share the feeling of your guys .

For the traction : the traction followed the last model.and the performance is nice .The traction is  standpoint , compare with the Jordan 29, 30  , the traction have  been performance well.Jordan Brand used an altered herringbone, which it also tried with the 31.Though this kind of translucent will collect dusty well. but it is have been not affected  the performance . it is just have been not easy to keep .If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most. I try more models ,but this one will be nice .

For the cushioning :  I am very satisfied with this pair of shoes.Also there are more and  more  basketball players  play it .
Although it not  soft like KD9elite/KD10 full length ZOOM (I have these 2 kinds of shoes ), but more stiff.The forefoot section of Zoom Air is of the unlocked variety whereas the heel is bottom-loaded.You can feel the Zoom when you place enough pressure on the forefoot.

For the material : the material  is great. The  Flyknit material provide more breathable and soft . maybe the reason layer ,so the ventilation is nice.This type of Flyknit is what I’ve been waiting for since Nike first introduced it into the basketball line. Just like the last model of 32.

The upper part  has a crease if  play long time, but it has no cracking and degumming. The soft woven surface is completely normal and no injury. At the most, I tie the foot to the bend.

For the supporting : The supporting  just so so. but everything worked well though. The moderator plate works to increase torsional rigidity and the outrigger was solid.  maybe the reason of material of inside of shoes , I felt foam of inside is not enough  .but the shoes work well, the sense of security is still enough, and the anti-rollover  did a job.and the midsole support is sufficient and flexible.

It works well and adds strength to the rear section of the shoe ensuring lockdown, but premium it is not.

There is a Chinese characters of the inside of  tongue .And the AIR JORDAN logo on the tongue too.

Overall, I feel that fit and lockdown are better in the Air Jordan 32, as is the cushion and stability, but I loved the decoupled heel and forefoot.Also the design of full of China elements .