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Air Jordan 31 Black Cat VS Adidas Dame Lillard 3, Which The Best ? Jordans or Adidas ?


Jordan Brand  and Adidas brand , there are a lot of different opinions , someone like the Jordan , but for others, they will choose the Adidas brand , also there are many reviews on the internet , so whats difference between them ? Here we  close lookAir Jordan 31 Black Cat and  Adidas Dame Lillard 3.

Here  is a  comprehensive comparison as below :


Air Jordan 31 dubbed the Black Cat which  was done in a nice suede and quilted leather upper. Well, it looks like another Black Cat version of the Air Jordan 31 is on the way but this one is done in the model’s normal construction.


But for the  Adidas Dame Lillard 3 dressed in a Core Black, and Footwear White color scheme. This adidas Dame 3 features a fuse mesh upper, customizable crate lacing system, blade traction and Bounce cushioned sole.


Yeah , it is different for these shoes . not only the boxes ….

For the  material , they are different totally . The Air Jordan 31 Black Cat used a nice suede and quilted leather upper.  I have to say there are many version Jordan shoes ,but  this is my favorite shoes  , the upper is soft  and amazing, seems it like the last version ,but it improved .Having the weave up front feels amazing and the break-in process is nonexistent.  then the snug is amazing .Then there is the transition from the weave to the synthetic leather which feels amazing as well.

For the  Adidas Dame Lillard 3, it is also nice for the material , fuse mesh makes its way onto the adidas Dame 3 and it’s a pretty cool material choice.  the ventilation is amazing ,then you can  see an overlay are heat welded together with the mesh itself as it’s coated in TPU. that is amazing  , because of it  reduces layers and weight without giving up any durability or structural support.

For the lace system , they are seem similar.but for the Adidas Dame Lillard 3, it will be better , the Dame 3 just put double lace hole , you can adjust by yourself . that is the best one for us .

Then for the cushion , Adidas Dame Lillard 3 must the best difference . Bounce makes a return to Damian Lillard’s third signature model, this is must one biggest different  between the Jordans .If you’re looking for a cushion setup that adds a spring to your step,  it is used the Adidas tech as usually . so  it still maintaining plenty of court feel, then Bounce is one of those options that you should heavily consider.

But for the Jordans , it is totally different .Air Jordan 31 Black Cat features the Flight Speed setup, that is great,  If you wanted to experience a true unlocked full length Zoom setup then the KD 9 is where you’ll find it.  but the Black cat ‘s protection is nice ,the court feeling also amazing  responsiveness.The thing I wasn’t a fan of is how unstable it feels. You’ll eventually get used to the wobbly feeling the shoes offer.

For the  traction: The Jordan 31  used the  rubber compound  which works better, the grip just so so ,then the Dame 3  seems will be better , maybe the blade traction offers multi-directional coverage for almost any move you can think of. No matter what your feet are doing on the hardwood, the blade traction should have you covered.


For the supporting : The support had potential to be great for the black cat . Having a slightly wider toe box which it can offer enough space ,  then the  heel have a foam to supporting . For the Dame 3  , the supporting just so so .



Overall, if you like the Jordans , the  black cat is amazing , the great  cushioning is perfect  , the great material and supporting .the Air Jordan XXXI isn’t perfect for me, I know they’ll be perfect for wide footers. It’s very difficult to find a shoe that’ll accommodate a wide foot nowadays.  Then the Dame 3 also  full of the Adidas tech ,the bounce cushioning ,and the amazing material and  traction also great .

So which brand will you choose?