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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Performance Review

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Homage To Home” exclusively at select retailers in the city of Chicago.Also this version is limited to 2,300 individually numbered pairs, marking one of the year’s most limited drops.So I am so lucky to got one, we will check it as below :

For the box ,it is  the classic one box which red and black with big Nike swoosh .

For the material : Full leather uppers used  and a rubber midsole and outsole around. However it will be more heavy ,maybe the weight of the material.This type of shoes used this kind of leather  type which more strength and durability . The leather on the black portions aren’t premium by any means, but the material is decent. However, the blue panels are as nice as they come — on basketball shoes at least.


For the supporting : The supporting is just so so . all of the supporting is from the material ,there is without the TPU support plate ,so I can not felt the supporting very much ,if you are guard player ,I dont think it is a good choice .

For the ventilation: The ventilation is just so so .though there is the  air hole of the upper.

Not much of any but there are perforations featured on the toe as well as a nylon tongue for some ventilation, even if just a little.


Staying true to the original 1985 sneaker, the insole is now white with the Nike Air branding making a comeback  on the tongue. Also, a very interesting detail, the size is printed on the inner collar which is again a throwback to the original.

The black and red materials of the SWOOSH part have a very prominent texture. I felt a good feeling in my hand , I am satisfying of this material.  Compared to the inner Chicago color scheme, I personally prefer this one .

Overall : The biggest change is . Whether it is the upper, the upper is nice and amazing . Even the material inside the shoes is not the mesh of the ordinary Air Jordan, but a softer-touch suede. Compare with others, Mint-green Air Jordan  low’s cortex should be the most common, and then the black-toed SWOOSH’s is great. As the casual shoes ,this one is amazing .