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Nike Kyrie 5 Performance Review

Have you look the newest picture of Kyrie 5.There are a lot of pictures which on the foot on the internet .Kyrie lrving also  put these pictures on foot to internet. Irving has been spotted practicing in a previously unseen model which could be his next signature shoe. So that this one –Kyrie 5.It is look cool .The shoe itself is reminiscent of previous Kyrie models, but introduces what appears to be a shroud which is connected with the shoelaces.

So how about the performance about the shoes ?



The Pierre Jackson who joined CBA  and got the 44 scores. He is strongest and most popular in recently.Looking back on his career, he has also had a lot of experience – NBA, NBDL, European arena. The special assessor in front of us has experienced great ups and downs in his life.

Nike Air Zoom Turbo is the amazing. This air cushion is specially designed for Irving.This cushioning is cutting the whole huge air cushion unit to improve the flexibility of the air cushion unit, highly fit the outline of both feet and outsole, thus providing feedback under any action.


No matter how others look at the color schemes and the inspiration stories behind them, I just want to express them in the simplest and straightforward way. The most important thing in every story is that it makes people feel the same. I will also encourage others to share their stories. Sometimes people feel lonely and seem to be far from anyone else. I want to stand up and become a bridge between them. This is what it means.



Irving said that the Kyrie already used a  breakthrough technology  which the new Nike Air Zoom that helps  player run faster and more flexibly on the court. KYRIE 5’s designer Benjamin Nethongkome made a breakthrough in three key elements:

We can see the details of this shoes.For the cushioning part ,it is totally .The cushioning is flexible and stable on the court, also it a unique character. The design of the Nike Air Zoom Turbo series is based on Irving’s on-field style, which perfectly matches the texture of the sneakers to the feet. “KYRIE 5 has a cushioning function that allows the pressure generated during running to be evenly distributed throughout the forefoot, making it responsive on the court to perfectly match the player’s fast-changing style.” Nethongkome explains that when the Nike Air Zoom Turbo technology provides a full range of protection to help him with his difficult layups, broken lines and sharp changes.



Experience a similar sense of forefoot feedback, whether it’s squatting or changing direction, Kyrie 5 can provide obvious feedback, the forefoot of the feet is wrapped in the air cushion.


For the lace system and upper system , it is also got a new update . This technology allows the Nike Air Zoom Turbo Series to keep your feet attached and locked. Nethongkome said that Flywire technology can closely fit the feet with the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, expanding the rebound of the forefoot of the feet. In the pursuit of aesthetics, it also enhances comfort and experience.


We can see the picture as below :



The outside is connected to the upper and the shoelace via the Flywire flying line, and with a unique lacing system, when the shoelace is tightened, the upper can be better wrapped, while not affecting the upper as the traditional strap fold.

For the traction , also it is look great .According to Nethongkome, the geometric pattern is designed to ensure the stability of the KYRIE 5 sole. The design of the sole pattern was inspired by the Fatima hand on Irving’s left arm, which symbolizes protection for him and keeps him away from bad luck. He hopes that the shoes will show more details of his life than just a pair of basketball shoes, which also allows us to incorporate his ideas into the design

For the actually review , it is nice and amazing .but I felt it is followed the Kyrie 4 , I guess it  same feeling anyway .but the performance is amazing.In addition to the comfortable feedback from the Air Zoom Turbo, there is also a high demand for the upper package and the outsole grip. Kyrie 5’s performance in these two aspects, makes Jackson feel very practical, even in the usual outfield, he can still master basketball at his own pace.




Compared to the design used by the Nike PG 1, the Flytrap is larger and more reliable. it is unlike the  traditional straps, Flytrap is more flexible, just like the “Flyrus” used by Nike Kyrie 5 has three lace holes, and it is very easy to add or reduce a shoelace hole for other shoes. This design can also be easily applied to other shoes, such as the Nike PG series.It is totally new and nice design .



This shoe actually better for the short men who need mote flexibility . we are rely on the rhythm to win the speed . For the shoes I  like the overall wrapping and grip. I recently passed the most comfortable pair of shoes is Kyrie 3, it is really excellent, and this pair of Kyrie 5 It really surprised me, I like the feeling of locking my feet too much.

Overall, the Kyrie 5 is better ,it is got more upgrade.The new technology of cushioning  and lace system are amazing .The position of Swoosh has changed and the upper has been reshaped. In addition to these, Irving is also actively using his signature series to share more stories.


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Jordan Legacy 312,Which Shoes Will Be Don C Like Best ?


The Jordan Legacy 312 has a new color of shoes, with Michael Jordan winning the Rookie of the Year, And  Jordan Legacy 312 “Rookie Of The Year” color scheme inspired by the brown shirt worn at the time of the award is now available. The shoes are mainly white, brown and black, and are decorated with red accents in the details. Not only is it highly recognizable, but it is also very suitable for this season.


Originally introduced in conjunction with Don C of Just Don fame, the 312 usually calls upon classic Nike releases forcolorway/material inspiration — but now it’s dropped in a colorway seemingly inspired by the upcoming “Rookie Of The Year” AJ1s.


The principal of Just Don, whose name is Don Crawley, grew up in Chicago. I  have already thought of  “flying man” Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. That’s right, who will not love the Bulls? This naturally includes Don C, and this sentiment is also in the process of connecting Don C with Michael Jordan, laying the foundation for the relationship between the two sides. Whether it’s growing up in Chicago or playing for Chicago, Chicago’s area code is this “312”, so the shoes also use this set of numbers.



From the appearance of the shoes, it mainly pays tribute to three shoes, namely Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Nike Air Alpha Force Low.



The Air Jordan 3 is Michael Jordan’s third signature basketball shoe which released in 1988 in four colorways of white, black, red, and blue. It was the first Air Jordan to feature visible Air, elephant print, and the Jumpman logo.The elements of Air Jordan 3 occupy a lot of space in the shoes, which is also related to Don C’s personal preferences and cognition, but this is nothing wrong. After all, Air Jordan 3 is a pair of shoes that have changed the fate of today’s Air Jordan series. The shoe was Tinker Hatfield’s first design for MJ and it remains as one of the most sought after basketball sneakers to date. The original “Black/Cement” colorway releases in celebration of the shoe’s 30th Anniversary in February 2018



For Don C, the meaning of this pair of shoes is the cornerstone of the entire Jordan Brand today, so the explosion elements in the midsole, heel and side of the shoe are derived from this.


One of the most beloved Air Jordan 1 colorways ever, the “Chicago” AJ1s have won the hearts of sneakerheads the world over with their simple and clean construction and rich back story. Also other styles  also have been popular in near future.Air Jordan 1 is an eternal existence for the majority of sneaker lovers. It is an immortal classic and the beginning of the whole series. Its appearance has not only promoted the development of basketball shoes, but also spread to among the more sports such as BMX and skateboards, it is also the representative of the sneaker culture and the trend culture, so it is still popular till now.Since last releasing in 2015, they’ve skyrocketed in value — and prestige — and now they’re set to return later this year, in an alternate iteration complete with many new embellishments. A translucent icy blue sole replaces the standard red version, and the upper’s red leather features what appears to be a reptile-style print.


On January 3, 1988, Jordan wore the shoes and scored 28 points. And in this point of design, Don C considers that it is not desirable to follow the onventional shoes, but to break the routine and bring something different.


Jordan Brand has brought a lot of combination shoes, but so far, apart from Jordan Spiz’ike, there are not many styles that are favored by everyone, so the shoes also added a tribute theme in color matching.


The Jordan Legacy 312 “Nike Pack” series is also a great effort in color theme.The Fluorescent green version, tribute to the Nike Air Command Force OG. These shoes have also left a classic color in the history of Nike. It is an outstanding representative of the height of the upper to enhance the protection, because it has an extraordinary height of the upper, at the same time, the upper is also equipped with a pump design called Air Pump, which is better by inflation. Ankle fit and comfort.



This pair of shoes is endorsed by David Robinson, the nickname of the famous player in history. One of the most classic or familiar first-year color schemes is this fluorescent green color. So, when you see the Jordan Legacy 312, which also has a towering upper, you will feel the shadow of some Nike Air Command Force OG



Brown  color  was the loved by a lot of people in this season, and the brown Jordan Legacy 312 was  tribute to the Nike Trainer 3. This series also has a great spokesperson, Bo Jackson, who can play for both NFL and MLB professional leagues and achieve extraordinary achievements. The Nike Air Trainer has been most popular .




Tech Challenge 2’s Hot Lava color scheme. The Air Tech Challenge 2 is a pair of tennis shoes, endorsed by the most famous tennis player Andre Agassi, which is accompanied by Agassi on the tennis court.

The use of this color scheme by the jordan Legacy 312 has become one of the most popular color combinations in this series, showing the charm of color.

“Attention” is probably a temperament of the Jordan Legacy 312, which is inseparable from the brand Just Don and the founder Don C.

Don C and Kanye West and Virgil Abloh are friends. I believe that you will see these two people will speak straight,  they are a group of people, it is no wonder that the shoes will be the same situation. But it’s not exactly the same. Don C used to be the performance DJ of Kanye West. It is because of these experiences that the brand Just Don, which was founded in 2011, is full of luxury.

On the body of the Jordan Legacy 312, the “Nike Pack” series with the “JUST DON” logo is still on the tongue. The price from the offer price to the market price is much lower than before. For this, in addition to market recognition and volume. In addition to the factors, in the heart of Don C, the Jordan Legacy 312 launched this time, the goal is to bring more energy to the city of Chicago.

Jordan Legacy 312 has arrived as scheduled. From the current release plan, the Jordan Legacy 312 will launch a new color scheme based on the classic colors of the NBA Knicks, Lakers and Pistons. As the color of the shoes is increased, we are getting closer and closer to the shoes. If you want to judge a person, a concept and a pair of shoes.

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Reviews And Close Look at Nike Kyrie 4 “Yellow Multicolor”

This ’70s-styled Nike Kyrie 4 is said to be inspired by a Uncle Drew movie poster as well as resembling the van featured in the film. It features a Yellow-based upper highlighted with a rainbow-like rear panel in Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, and Yellow color tones.

We will close look at this shoes today .

A colorful rubber outsole in Orange, Red, and White completes the design.Not only is the sneaker world hotly anticipating the upcoming Cereal Pack – with iterations dedicated to Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms – but we brought you an official look at another GR version with serious 90s vibes yesterday.

For the shoe box ,it is really simply but look great.The logo as last model .


Red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue are responsible for this sneaker’s bright and bold color scheme with yellow taking up the majority of its real estate.Low profile cushion, non-existing impact protection, paper lightness & killer traction – that‘s the Kyrie line. But then the Kyrie 4 comes in, and hell yeah it‘s different.


For  the material : the upper is pretty simple which may be attractive to some.Apart from the mesh on the front, the rest of the shoe does feature some freaking premium and  old school stuff. Other than that, it is released that the foam used in the Kyrie 4 is Cushlon which is an upgrade over the regular Phylon used in the Kyrie line that received so much negative feedback. Though the Kyrie 4 comes is breaking all the standards, except the one about mesh… It still does feel cheap to me, even though you can feel a tinny improvement.we got huge suede panels both on medial and lateral side, giving the shoe that awesome premium look & feel, while adding support/containment in crucial areas.

For the cushioning :  counting from 1 to 3, was always the reason why they were directing only very specific group of people.Heel Zoom will still be the main tech in terms of cushioning but the foam will be what we will look out for the most.The Zoom Air unit in the heel does feel sufficiently plushier, offering you quite bouncy yet super responsive ride. It‘s not eventually something on a same level as BOUNCE, but I still did enjoy it quite a lot.

We can see the detials as below :. The rounded base and “teeth” that wrap up the sides of the shoe ensures full coverage no matter what action you are in.


For the traction : the traction is expected to be better than before seeing that it is some kind of herringbone.and  if you keep them nice and debris-free they will deliver some good ass grip both on the inside and outside.

The laces are more toward the round side, which is something I do not particularly like as round laces tend to come undone more easily than flat ones.Initially I thought that the outsole wrapping up the sides of the shoe would provide some added containment. dust does stick on the rubber time to time but a few wipes should settle that.



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Lasportiva Uragano Gtx Performance Review

Cross-country running in the green countryside of nature is not only a major test of physical strength and willpower, but also allows people to leave their worries and close the nature. So many people like to go to the picturesque forest mountains for trail running.



The same is true, we need a shoe that can face the outdoors and target off-road. Compared with normal shoes, cross-country running shoes should be  pay more attention to protection our feet . For example, the toe can prevent the toes from being hit by gravel, and the body needs to have good wrapping and support to make our pace more stable. Its traction needs to be able to cope with different terrains. This makes it possible to grasp the ground more strongly in the process and also needs to have a good shock absorption function to relieve the force of the knee joint and the ankle. The upper must be tougher than conventional shoes to prevent it from being scratched by the grassy rocks in the forest. Shoelaces need to be prevented from being pulled loose by the outside world, so many trail running shoes will have shoelace storage bags. In addition, the outdoor environment is inevitably wading, and waterproofing is also necessary.

LASPORTIVA is a long-established, Italian-inspired, professional brand that specializes in the design and production of outdoor sports footwear. It also has a deep technical precipitation and design heritage in off-road running shoes. Just like this pair of LASPORTIVA URAGANO GTX trail running shoes.


The newly released Uragano GTX and Tempesta GTX are very impressive all season additions to the already superb La Sportiva trail running selection.  The previous (and still available) Gore Tex winter stalwarts are the Wildcat GTX and Crossover 2.0 GTX , which have been two of my favorites over the years for their great traction, protection, durability and top notch waterproof protection in the sloppiest of conditions.

The upper of both the Uragano GTX and Tempesta GTX have extended Gore Tex/Gore Flex comfort booties constructed of Airmesh with a Gore Tex membrane to offer a combination of breathability and waterproofing.  Under the foot, the Strobel board is a Gore-Flex which is waterproof/breathable and designed to improve run ability.



IMPAT BRAKE SYSTEM’s signage is the combination of the brand and VIBRAM open shock absorption outsole technology, which can absorb impact and strengthen grip through special sole texture design. In my opinion, this is an upgraded version of the regular V-bottom. As far as the data is concerned, IMPAT BRAKE SYSTEM is referred to as the buffer brake system, that is, IBS. The FRIXION AT double rubber formula provides wear resistance and control over different floors.


I have heard occasional complaints that Gore Tex is too hot, but my feet are always quite comfortable in them within the temperature range where they are most useful, which for me can be anywhere from below zero to 70 degree days in deep wet Spring slush (though if 70 and dry, they will feel overly warm).

The toe collision of cross-country running shoes is important. Because of the outdoor running  characteristics  must required the more flexibility. At this point, the toe hits the outside world is inevitable,so we need a good protection of running  shoe.The toe bumper is very sturdy and protective.


In fact the rear of the foot hold and stability overall is among the best, especially at the rear of the shoe of any I have tested this year comparable to the excellent Merrell Agility Peak Flex in its hiking boot security in a run shoe.


Getting into the Uragano is a “stretch” for sure, but I really appreciated the debris and moisture protection as well as the extra ankle hold and security of the stretch gaiter.  On the minus side, I will say it is very difficult to return the excellent and substantial Ortholite sockliner if you take it out to dry due to the gaiter.  The stretch gaiter reminded me of a beefier version of the gaiter in the trail racer focused adidas Adizero XT Boost.

Because of the need to quickly respond to the diversity of outdoor pavements, cross-country running shoes are required to have better wrapping and support. In this way, even when the force is uneven, the feet can avoid the state of the force distortion in the accidental scene.All in all , avoiding accidental injuries is important .The so-called elastic sock is naturally tightened on the upper foot to make it fit better with the foot.

The design of the shoelace is different from that of the conventional outdoor shoes. It can be seen that the shoelace does not directly pass through the shoelace through hole of the upper, but the shoelace guide groove is used to realize the matching, so that the shoe is brought when tightening the shoelace Uniform shrinkage force effect.


We can clearly see that the design of the ankle position is made of a number of fine-pored elastic fabrics. It is also the characteristic of this elastic fabric, avoiding the friction of the conventional loose shoe mouth and ankle position during running.


The functional design of the shoelace system to automatically disperse the pressure has been explained above, but the shoelace system split is still separately explained because of the design in which the shoelace can be stored.A flat thin lace instead of the round cords would  hold the top of my foot better and stay tighter. I found that by really cinching down at the start of my runs, a bit to much for permanent all run comfort  that I did not need to re tie that often as it seems I got most of the stretch out of the laces with the initial tie and then they expanded just enough on the run to give a secure yet not constraining fit.

As shown in the following figure, the larger step on the larger slope will advance. After the foot is settled, the body will inevitably tilt. As the support of the whole body, the feet are subjected to more pressure than usual during the tilting state. At this time, the shoes can provide favorable external support for the feet, and the effect of the release pressure on the local position.


For the cushioning : the cushioning is the most important for the running shoes . After all, because of the diversity of the wild environment, there will be more activity pressure on the knee joints and ankles. In terms of appearance, the midsole of LASPORTIVA URAGANO GTX trail running shoes is thicker.The cushioning part is great.


For the traction :The  traction is nice, it is varied rubber compounds for maximum stickiness and wildely sapced lug pattern .

FriXion AT V Groove with Impact Brake System, a winning combination of deep and beefy 6 mm lugs, made up varied rubber compounds for maximum stickiness and excellent durability and longevity.  Traction is amazing on wet rock, mud, snow and just about anything else, wet or dry.  The widely spaced lug pattern sheds mud very well.

Because running is much larger than walking, the sweat on the feet increases. For this brand, the Gore fabric is selected on the waterproof membrane, and the insole part in the internal environment. The PTH moisture wicking insole is used to adapt to the long distance cross-country activities.


Fit is somewhat on the small side, especially when factoring in a thicker sock for colder conditions, so for my lower volume foot that is just about always a size 10, I sized up to a 10.5 in both the Uragano GTX and the Tempesta GTX (as I also have done with the Wildcat GTX and Crossover GTX and other Winter specific shoes).


There is no adjustment around the cuff of the gaiter, but it fits taut around my skinny ankle.  There is enough give/stretch that I think it would be comfortable for those with much larger ankles than I.


That front flexibility has a minus side as there is no rock protection and especially so at the very front where the midsole is very thin. My  toes got quite tired on a technical rocky hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. On  more moderate single track I definitely had some rock bite if I landed or pushed off at the very front of the shoe.  Further back from that front thin flex area zero problems and no need for rock protection.

Because running is much larger than walking, the sweat on the feet increases. For this brand, the Gore fabric is selected on the waterproof membrane, and the insole part in the internal environment. The PTH moisture wicking insole is used to adapt to the long distance cross-country activities.


Overall : Among the many outdoor brands, the design concept that always pays attention to performance and does not neglect the value of the LASPORTIVA is the customary style of LASPORTIVA, which has a conspicuous style and direct impression. This can reflect the glamour of youthful and energetic. And this is also the charm of trail running.LASPORTIVA URAGANO GTX trail running shoes are not unconventional in appearance. Functionally capable of responding to diverse terrains. The overall is light and comfortable.


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Review And Close Look At Nike Kyrie 4 Day Of The Dead

Mexicans believe that as long as they put photos of their deceased relatives in their homes and use marigolds to sprinkle them from the cemetery to the altar, the undead will return home to reunite with their families. As the festival approaches, Nike also introduces the new color scheme for Kyrie 4. Kyrie Irving has personally used it in the game against the thunder. It is reported that this is one of the Nike Basketball ‘TV PE’ series, that is, the stars will choose the best shoes they like .

Kyrie Irving is a man of many talents. The all-world Boston Celtics point guard is known for his sublime skill and smooth style on the basketball court, but he’s got a unique hobby that’s not as widely known: skateboarding. Growing up in New Jersey, Irving was an avid skater — and the Swoosh Brand has nodded to his days on the board with Nike SB-inspired colorways many times before. The latest piece of Kyrie’s footwear to feature SB inspiration? His “Day Of The Dead” Nike Kyrie 4s.


There’s no question that Kyrie Irving is a quiet sneakerhead with previous colorways such as the “Cereal” pack alongside a General Mills collaboration that resulted in three cereal-inspired editions (Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Kix).


Perhaps you are familiar with Kyrie Irving’s superb dribbling skills, but you may not know that he grew up in New Jersey and he loves the sport of skateboarding. In the past, Kyrie 3 ‘Roswell Rayguns’ and Kyrie 4 ‘Lobster’ were taken from the classic color schemes in the Nike SB series.


There are new elements in Kyrie 4 ‘Day of the Dead’, filled with joyful and funny gimmicks, just as Mexicans hold positive, optimistic thoughts about the Day of the Dead. In addition to the sole reproduction of translucent materials and gimmicks, the setting of splicing with different upper materials has not been forgotten. If you look closely, you will find the details of the tongue, using the Nike SB signature thick tongue, the label is Kyrie’s personal logo and Nike Swoosh.


Colorful skeletons dance around the black toebox and midfoot before giving way to a bright orange heel piece and tongue.


It is using the engineered mesh is featured at the forefoot and that provides you with a lightweight material that requires hardly any break-in time. Nylon is glued to the underside which restricts all of the air flow, but in turn it strengthens the material.

we can see there are the little colorful skeletons in the insole.

There are more colorful skeletons on the heel part .


Overall: Colorful skeletons dance around the black toebox and midfoot before giving way to a bright orange heel piece and tongue. It is really a shoe with holiday-centric contrast.Rich purple piping and a textured snakeskin Swoosh add more holiday-centric contrast, and the shoe is completed by a translucent festive outsole. And I felt the material is soft and the traction also great.

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Review And Close Look at Air Jordan 11 “Platinum Tint”

In May of 2018, it was rumored that two new Jordan 11 colorways would hit retail before the holidays. Then Fall/Winter ’18 Air Jordan retro news continues to come down, with the latest leak being a “Platinum Tint” Air Jordan 11  set for October.Now ,the Air Jordan 11 ‘Platinum Tint’ finally released .

I am so luck that I got this one last Saturday. For two days testing , here I will share the performance review with you .Here we go



The 11 is one of those models that looks good or at least decent no matter the colorway. The actual shoe is a much lighter grey (more like off-white) and the red accents are everywhere. This Jordan 11 will use the traditional black inner lining, although the addition of red piping between the ballistic mesh and heel panel is anything but traditional.


Actually it look cool on the foot .It is  red piping adjacent to the Jumpman logo, a Sail colored midsole, and a milky opaque outsole. The most surprising aspect of this release is the removal of its most significant detail , the patent leather mudguard. Instead you’ll find a suede-like finish that matches well with the casual.

Using Sail mesh on the upper while Platinum Tint is applied to the patent leather on the overlay, so this kind of material actually will be better.But I feeling it look same with the last model.I felt that the patent leather isn’t quite as strong as it could have been if it were a bit thicker but all in all,  it is kind of like the Air Jordan 11 Retro ,the materials performed just so so . But it look fashion with a little  red color .Actually the white color shoes has been not keep easily as usually .

For the ventilation,I think it is not great .he material is breathable so that’s going to scores some points but its noticeably not as ventilated as something like the Air Jordan VI, which I still feel has the best ventilation out of the entire lineup.But the shoe look cool, it is best fit for the winter.

For the supporting : I think the supporting is nice .The Carbon Fiber adds a lot of support along the entire base of the foot, not just the arch, and the overall fit provides you with the extra reassurance you’d want or need, and the material also will provide the supporting too .

For the traction: The traction followed last model. it is used the translucent traction ,also we can see the carbon Fiber .However the  clear sections are nice and sticky straight out the box, which is good and bad depending on court conditions. However, I played on well-maintained courts in addition to debris ridden floors and the Air Jordan XI held up perfectly fine.

Cushioning part is quite great. With the lightweight Phylon and full length Air unit in place, cushion is solid as well, the performance also great too .


Overall, This look good, feel good and they play well on top of that. I hoped the quality wouldn’t obstruct my opinion on their performance and it honestly hasn’t. it is  still one of my personal favorite shoes.

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Air Jordan 18 Retro Performance Review

The Air Jordan 18 would be dropping in a brand new “Cool Grey” colorway later this year, today there is more information about another pair of the Wizards era signature model making a return.

This time, the Air Jordan 18 is reportedly coming back in the OG “Black/Sport Royal” color scheme from 2002.I got it in this month .We will check it today.

For the  box, it is just nothing  special,but I like the grey color ,it is look cool.

Here is the info of the side .

This pair is similar to the “Sport Royal” pair that retroed earlier this year, but instead replaces the white leather upper with a black suede. Silver accents are used on the Jumpman and “23” branding seen on the shroud.Here we can see the details.

Jumpman and “23” branding seen on the shroud.


For the cushoning : Their cushion was amazing and like my experience with the more recent LeBron shoes.Sometimes. Your weight is evenly distributed between each unit, they’re encased in rubber, and they’re bottom loaded, so they don’t compress in the way that you might want them to.Not only do you have a full length Zoom unit running under foot but its also double stacked in the heel. However, the protection they provide upon initial impact is great and since the 14mm cushioning.



For the traction : The black with the blue  rubber look great.When you played on a clean floor then it was some of the best traction featured on an Air Jordan. But the dusty on the other hand had a pretty nasty affect as it tended to stick to the rubber like glue.Also we dont think you can play in the outside court.The gripping .actually great if you playing in the clean court.


For the the shoelace system ,metallic hardware used for the top eyelets. and the most interesting part is strap , I like this part. When we tight the shoelace,it is will lockdown the shoe. But the strap through the shoes upper ,it is look amazing , seems like Zero 1 design.

The shoes is more comfortable.The  insole is more  comfortable, we can see the picture that it is look thick,yes ,It is.So you will found that  more comfortable.


There are also more foam around the shoes.So it can help you protect your ankle well.That is amazing .

Also we need mention the supporting : The supporting actually great.Because of the upper itself wrapped the foot well but some of the softness that comes with the suede would lack a bit of support .However, the underfoot and torsional support was great. You have a full length Carbon Fiber torsion and TPU inside. Also the insole itself with additional Carbon Fiber.But the shoes inside really comfortable, it is not stiff though the supporting is great.


They fit true to size and lockdown was decent but awkward to lace up. 

For the material ,I felt the material is more comfortable,but it will be more stuffy.Because of the suede material.The materials depend on the colorway. You have two options… leather or suede. Both are great and high quality but the leather will likely provide you with a tad bit more support than the suede did.I dont think the it is a best choice in the summer, but most of fans dont care about it .


Overall,I like this shoes very much .The material is comfortable.and the cushioning is great too. Also I like the supporting part. If you can find a pair to play in, I’d recommend it just so you can chose this one . But if you’re looking for higher end performance then you might the Lebron shoes will be better.

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adidas Harden Vol. 3 Performance Review

Like a new album that every singer release every year, James Harden has released the third  sneakers from Vol.1 to the Vol.3. Whether it is a shoe fan or a fan, you can feel this. The first adidas Harden Vol.1 has been a charming and  after the adidas Harden Vol.2 part of the stick continues the first generation of design style, the upper structure is almost a major renovation, this year’s adidas Harden Vol.3 published has also caused many netizens’ curiosity, like “this pair “The basketball shoes are so low” or “the appearance is closer to the street, and the stadium doesn’t know how to wear them.” These questions are based on the experience of these two weeks of intensive testing.

We will check the adidas Harden Vol.3 shoes today.


Harden sneakers pictured here feature a new elastic band between the forefoot and midfoot that bares Harden’s signature. The shoe flaunts huge roman numerals on the medial side — 13, Harden’s jersey number — and rides atop a new Boost tooling that appears to be completely uncaged. Finally, the toe has gotten some fuse reinforcements for those that toe-drag.


Maybe a friend will be surprised. Seemingly the Harden Vol.3, will be more smaller, actually this shoe has an inner space . For example, Harden vol.3  brings unexpected advantages in size and shape. After the actual comparison by adidas Harden Vol.2 and adidas Harden Vol.3 in the same size ,the look of  Harden Vol.3 will be more the entire outsole is even a little bigger than the outsole of the Harden Vol.2, which brings the benefits of stability on the basketball court and it can be used in a smooth design without any loss.

Another point is that we can see that the Boost midsole of Harden Vol.3 cancels the transparent coating.This design shift can reduce the weight. On the other hand, it also has a smoother front and rear movement. The stability required by the basketball player is balanced by the reduced Boost thickness. In the first impression, I will remember the feeling of Pureboost’s foot.


For the material .Because of  Harden’s basketball  skill , the Harden Vol.2 with Forgefiber material  which more protection .The upper has always been a “protection zone” for this series of shoes.But the Vol.3 is different. it is  just using  the Primeknit upper.: it is will be soft ,unlike Derrick Rose’s next sneaker, which uses a Primeknit upper, the Harden Vol 3 here uses what appears to be a tight mesh with thick backing .

Maybe there is a friend who has the problem of “Is the upper enough protection our feet ?” However, the elasticated leather ring is matched with the non-ductile synthetic fiber material, also the  reinforcing plastic together , Harden Vol The .3 still has a very high degree of protection. The stability of the forefoot is enough to protect with our feet .

In addition to the elastic band of the elastic band in the inner and outer sides of the forefoot, there are hard materials to enhance the stability of the left and right sides. This area is also a key area when the soles are bent. There is no discomfort or impediment to bending during playing, but when you move left and right, you will feel the effect on the stability of your feet.

For the supporting :

Since the silver-gray ice colorway available at the same time, I can see the Harden Vol.3 Y-type embedded in the midsole. The anti-distortion piece almost spans the entire sole of the foot! The stability of the foresole is undoubted; The first impression for this shoes must the midsole design of the adidas Harden Vol.3 ,it has become more affixed and more suitable. The setting of the defensive speed style, but the low-profile upper does not provide the protection, which is a bit unsuitable for some friends.Although the large-area outsole and the anti-distortion piece still ensuring a stable effect.



For the traction:  the shoe features full-length herringbone with support placed at the high-wear zones that help most with traction.The Harden Vol 3 puts a focus on stability and traction and it is designed to help Harden “slow down fast.”“This shoe means a lot to me. Our challenge is to come back and [get] better every year, and I really think we’ve been doing that,” said James Harden in a statement.

There is  Y-shaped anti-twist sheet in the midsole extends from the heel to the forefoot to avoid unnecessary deformation of the soles and maintain stability.We can look it closely  the outer bottom texture of Harden Vol.3 varies in thickness depending on the area, such as the part of the forefoot and the heel, which is thickened to improve wear resistance.


It is  the same setting of the bottom of the shoe with different colorway.

The heel part of the adidas Harden Vol.3 stands out like a shoehorn. It is a pretty bold breakthrough for the shoe fans. It is as impressive as the shape of the Ultraboost heel, and it has been impressive for a long time.Adidas  still getting used to it, in fact, in the way of James Harden’s play, this cushion-like heel seems to be imaginable, providing protection for Achilles in an extremely low-profile shape.After several practical wearing experiences, due to the proper filling around the ankles, wearing low stockings and walking for a long time with the actual combat ,we  still the shoes is comfortable .


Overall, At the same time, the appearance and function are more great. At the same time, some friends may feel that the Vol.3 less exciting elements compare with  the previous two version, but they are still quite great shoes! At the same time, it has a design that is more eye-catching and more integrated into the overall design.

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Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

From the official release to got the shoe, the Air Jordan 33 has always maintained a high degree of attention, which coupled with the introduction of new technology and a variety of color , making it one of  the most of popular sneaker in the next half of 2018 .

Many players who want to got this shoes when released .However, unlike the previous  version of Jordans , the subversive design and innovative FastFit fastening system have been attention by lot of peoples. some players are still hesitate to get it .They want to figure out how about  the performance? Now we will check it today .

The Air Jordan XXXIII rewrites the story of the greatest basketball shoe on the planet. Its revolutionary FastFit closure system locks you in for flight, while its new Flightspeed technology is tuned for propulsion.I never saw the sneakers which have this setting.How does the Air Jordan 33 wear and how does the FastFit fastening system work?

I was so excited when I got it .Dressed in a White, Metallic Gold, Black, and Vast Grey color scheme. This Air Jordan 33 feature a White-based upper with Gold accents on the tongues and Nike Air heels. Both Black and Red detailing throughout atop an icy translucent outsole completes the design.And the material is so comfortable.
Then the Velcro on the inside of the shoe to make the shoe fit more closely and lock the heel in the shoe.


Adjust the FastFit fastening system, the pull with red ribbon, you will hear the mechanically sound, The shoes will be lockdown the feet when fastening ,it is easy and save time .



Because of the Air Jordan 33 shoe design, it has already brought good wrapping before the FastFit fastening system is adjusted, and the FastFit fastening system did a great help , the fastening system will make the foot  fit more tightly.

Especially when you have been exercising for a period of time, the feet  will feel very stretched. At this time, the black and yellow ribbon next to the tug will be lifted. Then the  cable will be released. You can shake your feet to the left and right to adjust to a comfortable state.



Not in a bad way, but there is definitely room for user error. For those that follow me on Instagram, you’re likely aware that I had a major blister on my arch appear while testing the Air Jordan 33


Most of the players focus on one of the points, while the Air Jordan 33’s forefoot large zoom air cushion with a length-shaped hexagonal ultra-thin Zoom air cushion, how about the performance ?


I player  4 different  basketball games in different court .I felt it is new and perfect shoes  each game, the AIR JORDAN 33 is super stability, excellent grip and good maneuverability. The Air Jordan 33 is compared to other sneakers.

It was the FastFit system that I’ve been really trying to adjust to and now I know not to tighten the shoes up quite to the extent that I had.

I believe that people who played the Air Jordan 28 will be crazy about midsole, and the new Air Jordan 33 will bring almost the same midsole  cushioning . Flight Speed Midsole incorporates a carbon fiber sheet that is the same process as the Zoom VaporFly 4%, which increases the reaction speed of the forward sill.


In addition to the black and red color Chinese limited-edition Air Jordan 33 “Tech Pack”, the future will also launch the black and white Air Jordan 33 “Future Flight”, the pure black color matching Air Jordan 33 “Blackout”, and Guo Ailun only released in China. PE version Air Jordan 33 “Jade”.


For the fitting :

Air Jordan 33 is not biased, you can choose the normal size to buy. Because of personal habits, I like to choose a big size sneaker and wear two pairs of thick socks. The Air Jordan 33 is the same as most basketball shoes, and there is no squeezing or oversized.

Overall ,I enjoy the shoe once again and complete testing it for the full performance review. The shoe has definitely perfect  about the performance .I’ve got scars from Curry 4, Curry 5, Soldier 10, LeBron 9, Kobe 7 System ,but I like the FastFit system very much .

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Nike LeBron 16 , Is It Breakthrough ?

Finally,  Nike released LeBron 16 recently.This is the release of Soldier 15, Nike Air Zoom Generation, Nike Soldier 1 , LeBron Icon, LeBron 3 this year, after the 10th and Witness 2, the seventh pair (excluding color) released by James Endorsement shoes . Of course, it is also the 16th double signature shoe of the  GOAT. Petrie’s been by LeBron’s side through everything from “The Decision” to his return to Cleveland to his latest decision to leave Cleveland again. Petrie has witnessed LeBron mature not only as a basketball player, but also as a person.

So what is new difference or upgrade for this shoe ?

We will check it today .


The LeBron 16 used  a Zoom Max air cushion which thicker than the previous model LeBron 15 , plus a shoe-reinforced Battleknit 2.0. it is the most lightweight material. In addition, the new air-cushion shoe and the lower uppers  has become a new model of signs. Therefore, although I haven’t gotten on the foot, I just visually tested the configuration feelings of these shoes. As a more experienced combat writer, I can tell you that this signature shoes is still  “Basketball Technology Crystal” of Nike.The highest configuration that can be prepared for a pair of front shoes.

LeBron himself boasted “Wow, awesome! This may be my favorite version of LeBron shoes! Look forward to it!”but now there are new color way released again. so we will looking forward it .


For 15 years, LeBron James has been one of the NBA’s most dominant players, and his athleticism, unrelenting professionalism and maturity have made him stand out among contemporary athletes. so he becomes his long-term partner. Nike designer Jason Petrie has a difficult problem: in addition to the basketball shoes that provide enough balance support for the 4th MVP, he also needs to show him more colorful this year.



In fact, BattleKnit 2.0 has experienced more than once design development, which makes Nike “the most tough woven upper” so far, and from the look, you can adjust the height of the tongue separately by LeBron 16 design. And the leather tongue will also come with Flywire straps. This can be said to be a very scientific and rigorous design.

As the Petrie said. “He can tell me this sucks or we can give him an idea or challenge him.” and he said “Now that we have been working together for so long we can talk pretty freely,”That is a true.


The shoe upper Battleknit 2.0 technology, the fabric strength is further enhanced, especially for the lateral impact.And the midsole is upgraded with Max Air Suspension Technology, which has been inherited from the 15th generation.Also outsole outrigger design provides more support.
The first LeBron 16 ‘1 THRU 5’ will be available in designated retail outlets in Greater China in mid-September.



At this stage in LeBron’s career, he’s still pushing the design team to uncharted waters as well. In this current political climate, using sneakers to also make a statement is something Petrie and LeBron are exploring and want to do more of. A game-worn pair of the LeBron 15 “Equality” is now sitting in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.



Nike Basketball is looking to the future as this release acts as a mosaic of the first five colorways of the shoe. “Fresh Bred” (the black/red), King, “SFG”, “20-20”, and “I Promise” all play a role in the composition of this audacious colorway, all while emphasizing the notion of LeBron James playing all five positions on the court.

Nike and Petrie will certainly have a lot of opportunities to do that this NBA season as the league opened up its rules regarding sneaker colorways. Upcoming colorways and makeups of the LeBron 16 between fall and Christmas will center around key touchpoints in LeBron’s life and career.


Jason Petrie said: “LeBron James loves the cushioning system on the last year’s shoes, so this year we are committed to making it better. In addition, we have removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it. It is a bracket structure that reduces the weight of the shoe and provides extra support.”



The color schemes that will be released later are “Triple Black” and the “HFR” high-end design color that is rumored to be only available in female sizes (the male code on StockX, don’t ask me where I came from, I don’t know).


Overall, Although the whole shoe looks very similar to the LeBon 15  , the LeBron 16 has a more substantial improvement based on the previous generation (this is called the Elite version a few years ago). More scientific and practical design and more high-end luxury and connotative design will indeed make people have a desire to buy. If you are a James fan,this LeBron16 will definitely be a good option.