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Jordan Legacy 312,Which Shoes Will Be Don C Like Best ?


The Jordan Legacy 312 has a new color of shoes, with Michael Jordan winning the Rookie of the Year, And  Jordan Legacy 312 “Rookie Of The Year” color scheme inspired by the brown shirt worn at the time of the award is now available. The shoes are mainly white, brown and black, and are decorated with red accents in the details. Not only is it highly recognizable, but it is also very suitable for this season.


Originally introduced in conjunction with Don C of Just Don fame, the 312 usually calls upon classic Nike releases forcolorway/material inspiration — but now it’s dropped in a colorway seemingly inspired by the upcoming “Rookie Of The Year” AJ1s.


The principal of Just Don, whose name is Don Crawley, grew up in Chicago. I  have already thought of  “flying man” Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. That’s right, who will not love the Bulls? This naturally includes Don C, and this sentiment is also in the process of connecting Don C with Michael Jordan, laying the foundation for the relationship between the two sides. Whether it’s growing up in Chicago or playing for Chicago, Chicago’s area code is this “312”, so the shoes also use this set of numbers.



From the appearance of the shoes, it mainly pays tribute to three shoes, namely Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Nike Air Alpha Force Low.



The Air Jordan 3 is Michael Jordan’s third signature basketball shoe which released in 1988 in four colorways of white, black, red, and blue. It was the first Air Jordan to feature visible Air, elephant print, and the Jumpman logo.The elements of Air Jordan 3 occupy a lot of space in the shoes, which is also related to Don C’s personal preferences and cognition, but this is nothing wrong. After all, Air Jordan 3 is a pair of shoes that have changed the fate of today’s Air Jordan series. The shoe was Tinker Hatfield’s first design for MJ and it remains as one of the most sought after basketball sneakers to date. The original “Black/Cement” colorway releases in celebration of the shoe’s 30th Anniversary in February 2018



For Don C, the meaning of this pair of shoes is the cornerstone of the entire Jordan Brand today, so the explosion elements in the midsole, heel and side of the shoe are derived from this.


One of the most beloved Air Jordan 1 colorways ever, the “Chicago” AJ1s have won the hearts of sneakerheads the world over with their simple and clean construction and rich back story. Also other styles  also have been popular in near future.Air Jordan 1 is an eternal existence for the majority of sneaker lovers. It is an immortal classic and the beginning of the whole series. Its appearance has not only promoted the development of basketball shoes, but also spread to among the more sports such as BMX and skateboards, it is also the representative of the sneaker culture and the trend culture, so it is still popular till now.Since last releasing in 2015, they’ve skyrocketed in value — and prestige — and now they’re set to return later this year, in an alternate iteration complete with many new embellishments. A translucent icy blue sole replaces the standard red version, and the upper’s red leather features what appears to be a reptile-style print.


On January 3, 1988, Jordan wore the shoes and scored 28 points. And in this point of design, Don C considers that it is not desirable to follow the onventional shoes, but to break the routine and bring something different.


Jordan Brand has brought a lot of combination shoes, but so far, apart from Jordan Spiz’ike, there are not many styles that are favored by everyone, so the shoes also added a tribute theme in color matching.


The Jordan Legacy 312 “Nike Pack” series is also a great effort in color theme.The Fluorescent green version, tribute to the Nike Air Command Force OG. These shoes have also left a classic color in the history of Nike. It is an outstanding representative of the height of the upper to enhance the protection, because it has an extraordinary height of the upper, at the same time, the upper is also equipped with a pump design called Air Pump, which is better by inflation. Ankle fit and comfort.



This pair of shoes is endorsed by David Robinson, the nickname of the famous player in history. One of the most classic or familiar first-year color schemes is this fluorescent green color. So, when you see the Jordan Legacy 312, which also has a towering upper, you will feel the shadow of some Nike Air Command Force OG



Brown  color  was the loved by a lot of people in this season, and the brown Jordan Legacy 312 was  tribute to the Nike Trainer 3. This series also has a great spokesperson, Bo Jackson, who can play for both NFL and MLB professional leagues and achieve extraordinary achievements. The Nike Air Trainer has been most popular .




Tech Challenge 2’s Hot Lava color scheme. The Air Tech Challenge 2 is a pair of tennis shoes, endorsed by the most famous tennis player Andre Agassi, which is accompanied by Agassi on the tennis court.

The use of this color scheme by the jordan Legacy 312 has become one of the most popular color combinations in this series, showing the charm of color.

“Attention” is probably a temperament of the Jordan Legacy 312, which is inseparable from the brand Just Don and the founder Don C.

Don C and Kanye West and Virgil Abloh are friends. I believe that you will see these two people will speak straight,  they are a group of people, it is no wonder that the shoes will be the same situation. But it’s not exactly the same. Don C used to be the performance DJ of Kanye West. It is because of these experiences that the brand Just Don, which was founded in 2011, is full of luxury.

On the body of the Jordan Legacy 312, the “Nike Pack” series with the “JUST DON” logo is still on the tongue. The price from the offer price to the market price is much lower than before. For this, in addition to market recognition and volume. In addition to the factors, in the heart of Don C, the Jordan Legacy 312 launched this time, the goal is to bring more energy to the city of Chicago.

Jordan Legacy 312 has arrived as scheduled. From the current release plan, the Jordan Legacy 312 will launch a new color scheme based on the classic colors of the NBA Knicks, Lakers and Pistons. As the color of the shoes is increased, we are getting closer and closer to the shoes. If you want to judge a person, a concept and a pair of shoes.

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Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

From the official release to got the shoe, the Air Jordan 33 has always maintained a high degree of attention, which coupled with the introduction of new technology and a variety of color , making it one of  the most of popular sneaker in the next half of 2018 .

Many players who want to got this shoes when released .However, unlike the previous  version of Jordans , the subversive design and innovative FastFit fastening system have been attention by lot of peoples. some players are still hesitate to get it .They want to figure out how about  the performance? Now we will check it today .

The Air Jordan XXXIII rewrites the story of the greatest basketball shoe on the planet. Its revolutionary FastFit closure system locks you in for flight, while its new Flightspeed technology is tuned for propulsion.I never saw the sneakers which have this setting.How does the Air Jordan 33 wear and how does the FastFit fastening system work?

I was so excited when I got it .Dressed in a White, Metallic Gold, Black, and Vast Grey color scheme. This Air Jordan 33 feature a White-based upper with Gold accents on the tongues and Nike Air heels. Both Black and Red detailing throughout atop an icy translucent outsole completes the design.And the material is so comfortable.
Then the Velcro on the inside of the shoe to make the shoe fit more closely and lock the heel in the shoe.


Adjust the FastFit fastening system, the pull with red ribbon, you will hear the mechanically sound, The shoes will be lockdown the feet when fastening ,it is easy and save time .



Because of the Air Jordan 33 shoe design, it has already brought good wrapping before the FastFit fastening system is adjusted, and the FastFit fastening system did a great help , the fastening system will make the foot  fit more tightly.

Especially when you have been exercising for a period of time, the feet  will feel very stretched. At this time, the black and yellow ribbon next to the tug will be lifted. Then the  cable will be released. You can shake your feet to the left and right to adjust to a comfortable state.



Not in a bad way, but there is definitely room for user error. For those that follow me on Instagram, you’re likely aware that I had a major blister on my arch appear while testing the Air Jordan 33


Most of the players focus on one of the points, while the Air Jordan 33’s forefoot large zoom air cushion with a length-shaped hexagonal ultra-thin Zoom air cushion, how about the performance ?


I player  4 different  basketball games in different court .I felt it is new and perfect shoes  each game, the AIR JORDAN 33 is super stability, excellent grip and good maneuverability. The Air Jordan 33 is compared to other sneakers.

It was the FastFit system that I’ve been really trying to adjust to and now I know not to tighten the shoes up quite to the extent that I had.

I believe that people who played the Air Jordan 28 will be crazy about midsole, and the new Air Jordan 33 will bring almost the same midsole  cushioning . Flight Speed Midsole incorporates a carbon fiber sheet that is the same process as the Zoom VaporFly 4%, which increases the reaction speed of the forward sill.


In addition to the black and red color Chinese limited-edition Air Jordan 33 “Tech Pack”, the future will also launch the black and white Air Jordan 33 “Future Flight”, the pure black color matching Air Jordan 33 “Blackout”, and Guo Ailun only released in China. PE version Air Jordan 33 “Jade”.


For the fitting :

Air Jordan 33 is not biased, you can choose the normal size to buy. Because of personal habits, I like to choose a big size sneaker and wear two pairs of thick socks. The Air Jordan 33 is the same as most basketball shoes, and there is no squeezing or oversized.

Overall ,I enjoy the shoe once again and complete testing it for the full performance review. The shoe has definitely perfect  about the performance .I’ve got scars from Curry 4, Curry 5, Soldier 10, LeBron 9, Kobe 7 System ,but I like the FastFit system very much .

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Nike Kobe NXT 360 Performance Review

Nike was released the new sneaker ——Nike Flyknit 360 in the April. As the first used in basketball shoes , we will check it what is the different for Nike Kobe NXT 360.

Here we go .

The KOBE NXT 360’s design — a three-part structure of wrap-around Flyknit, a drop-in dual-density midsole and an outsole — is predicated on providing the surest possible footing. That is suit for the Kobe Bryant play.

The low-cut construction and Flyknit upper meet the current standards of the Kobe line, but there’s way more to this new model that make it the best Kobe yet.

A next-generation Flyknit construction warps the foot completely in 360 degrees for a second-skin fit, while the dual-density drop-in foam midsole pairs Nike REACT technology and Lunarlon to maximize cushioning and response.

There is a huge TPU to lockdown the shoes .

The sole was combine with React and Lunarlon,though there are more different of Kobe a.d Mid’ Lunarlon,but the Kobe NXT 360 have the  TPU model  ,so what is the affection ? The outsole is wear resistant and the mid-layer is of shock absorbing.


As we know ,the React of  Hyperdunk 2017  is great ,then the  React of Superfly.2017 just so so ,Kobe NXT 360 also used the React  too, it is di a great job .

The Kobe 360 NXT’s React feels more like the feeling of a thinner version of Nike Epic React Flyknit, a soft material. May be the limitations of external materials make React’s jumper can be more freely.However, the thinner midsole  will be move quickly.


In addition to cushioning and midsole performance well, KOBE NXT 360 insole almost guarantees the performance of all shoes. The huge extension of both sides  with the TPU module did a great job,  stabilizes the heel, while the arch and forefoot TPU patch are the heroes of the stable feet in the breakthrough and so on .


For the material: 360-degrees of Flyknit equals one word: bomb. This thin material is so durable and supportive it’s mind boggling because it’s like nothing is there. Then the material is amazing and more density .The Flyknit doesn’t stretch much due to the heating process that sets it, but because it wraps beneath the foot (360-degrees) it moves with you so well I honestly don’t have anything negative to say it. but the supporting is a part from this material.


For the ventilation : it is great ,maybe the material reason ,an external heel counter also found its way onto the 360’s and does a damn good job at cradling the heel and locking it down.The wrap-around Flyknit construction of the KOBE 360 is steamed directly on the last to mimic the anatomical shape of the foot, allowing for a more conformed fit as well as the elimination of harsh corners both on the footbed and then with ground contact.




The sneakers have a good grip but it is often slippery in dusty outfields. Afterwards, we found out that the outsole of the shoes was actually “collect dust”. It is recommended that played inside .

You get a drop-in midsole that features Lunarlon foam along outer edge for structure and support. Plush React foam is used at the center of the midsole for that feel-good softness. I did have to re-lace the Kobe NXT 360 a few times, but once the materials broke in and took the shape of my foot I was able to dial in the lockdown the way I wanted.

Although the insole contracted most of the performance of the shoes, the uppers and durability of the Flyknit 360 at the expense of a comfortable package really led to the “drop” of the shoes. However, such attempts still allowed the autumn harvest to be even more successful. Fast, and the shoes have become lighter, reaching Bryant’s own requirements for shoes.

Overall, the Kobe NXT 360 has  been a great job ,the material is  amazing ,the cushioning and supporting also performance . The drop-in for the KOBE 360 balances Lunarlon foam on the perimeter, which provides a supportive platform on the bank, with plush Nike REACT technology directly underfoot for all-game comfort.
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Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Performance Review

My first impression of Ultra Fly 2 came from the “flight General Administration” activity of the summer Jordan in the 2017. At that time, .Fly 2017 of the trial shoe money was completely finished, the staff sent to the late player is this pair of Ultra Fly 2. I am so luck that got one . I was impressed by its shape.

The design of  in Air Jordan 15, using a similar CP3 IX lacing system has become the most surprise of  Ultra Fly 2 . At the same time, the design of the integrated shoe body and the outer surface of the rubber can not improve the facial value of the shoes, but also further forms a package similar to the whole palm inner boot, so that people will not have much doubt about the shoe’s body performance.


For the traction, the design of  zoom+ Hex zoom , and the placement of TPU in arch are great. Although this configuration is not outstanding at the original price , it is indeed within the range of the price. On the big bottom, the shoe is designed with a ripple pattern, which is also the same as SuperFly 2017 at the time.



For wrapping ,Because the design between the integral upper inner cladding lining directly (no tongue design), shoes wrapping can be said to be strong. After wearing shoes for more than a week, you can feel that the package is very tight .



The heel of the shoes also contains a hard – textured built-in module,  with the upwards and thickened inner linings, which can lock your heel firmly.

For the cushioning .The Ultra.Fly 2 uses heel and forefoot Zoom Air.but shoes in cushioning comfort and it is really worth praising. To guard, it   just perfect cushioning , let it become a pair of shoes is very suitable for the defender to break the shoes.The Ultra.Fly 2 starts off feeling a bit heavy feeling underfoot. This is due to the fairly dense Phylon midsole used here. so maybe you will feel more harder. Despite being on the dense side, the foam did feel like it had some rebound once broken-in. This then allowed me to feel the Zoom Air that was installed within the forefoot of the shoe quite a bit. but for some player, maybe it just perfect.


For the supporting ,The support features one would expect to be in place are all here and accounted for. That is great. Surprise after playing, it become a pair of shoes is very suitable for the defender to break the shoes.A couple of features that set the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 apart from the rest are the way the upper is constructed, allowing motion while still retaining the ability to properly contain and support during lateral movements, and the sculpted midsole. For me, It looks like it’s just aesthetic but the way the midsole swoops up along the lateral midfoot and medial heel ensures that you and the footbed are one.   

Overall, Ultra Fly 2 X is very suitable for breakthrough players’ , for the strong package to the metamorphosis and stability, and the “hidden attribute” of the big bottom can improve the cost performance of these shoes.also if you like the PG 1, it will the best one choice.

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Jordan Brand Bring the Air Jordan 6 CNY For Celebrating Chinese New Year With New look

The fireworks has become synonymous with “joyous “in Chinese .  and in order to show the  festive atmosphere  such as the holiday , there are a lot of people will use the fireworks , such as the Chinese New Year  which  the big holiday in China . Fireworks represents a happy life, nice mood, but also represents the wish of the new year .

This year, gorgeous fireworks has  become one of the protagonists of the Nike “CNY Pack”, they  bring the newest one – – Air Jordan VI “CNY”.

For the box, it is different  others, Air Jordan VI “CNY” uses a “lid-separated” black gold shoebox and a pair of shoes wrapped in double-damp paper to show  the attention  of Jordan Brand.


Dressed in a Black, Multi-Color, Summit White and Metallic Gold color scheme,with digital printing of fireworks highlighting the theme . Red and yellow of  “sky fireworks” patterns throughout the shoes, making the shoes full of festive atmosphere. In the meantime, 2018 CNY theme —peony, and other flower patterns are embroidered on the background to shoe the joyous of holiday.

In addition to the gorgeous flowers, Air Jordan 6 “CNY” overall material also will be great. The embroidery used the special fabric which more  texture , while other parts  used  suede material that to keep warm. Also we can see the  3M reflective material with the  black gold color shoes . It is look great .

Besides Air Jordan VI “CNY”, Jordan Brand also introduced the same color matching Air Jordan 32 “CNY”.Featuring a black, multicolor, summit white and metallic gold color scheme with probable Chinese New Year graphics.Whatever playing in the field and or  leisure time ,two kind os shoes are  enough to make you like it and  attracted by a lot of Chinese .

Overall, The CNY series will be popular in the Chinese marketing .Why not got one for the preparing holiday ?

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Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Performance Review

It’s been 12 years since the “French Blue” Air Jordan 12 last released , but luckily the shoe is returning in the 2016 year .There is not much has changed for this classic colorway.

Today we are talking about it .

It is now releases under the brand’s recent remastering overhaul of the retro line and the colorway still classic ,but not too much change.Jordan is bringing back the original shoe box from the first release of the 12 to further add to the nostalgia.


For the material :The entire upper is composed of a white with blue  leather. And the leather is soft  then what I expected .Unfortunately, the leather can not flow the air , so  the ventilation is not good .Hopefully that changes on upcoming Air Jordan 12 releases. Gold eyelets offer a nice contrast to the murdered-out upper and a white plastic piece features debossed Jordan branding.




For the lace system : it is great and the same as the last version .


For the supporting : Arch support is great while the overall fit and lockdown take care of the rest ,you can do what you want to do .



for the traction :  Herringbone is featured in similar fashion to the previous Air Jordan signature. And it great . “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind  when I see  the. traction , but please be careful the traction if you play in the  slipped  court . that is not great .


For the cushioning : it is used the  Full length Zoom Air which  one continuous air bag can add the help of the cushioning .

we can  gain more appreciation for this cushioning  after you’ve played in them, especial in the  out court  . I already loved the Air Jordan XII based on its looks but that fact that the great cushioning .


We can see the logo clearly —‘JORDAN ‘ 

There is a picture that on the foot . it is fashion .



Overall : , if you looking forward the great traction, awesome cushion, good materials, nice fit and plenty of support ,then the Air Jordan XII will give you what you need.

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Air Jordan 7 Hare Performance reviews

Jordan wore the Air Jordan 7 (VII) Original Hares during the season, which lead to his second NBA Championship. it is a perfect sneakers as so far And  The  Air Jordan 7 Hares received its nickname from a commercial with Bugs Bunny lacing up a pair of Original Jordan VII “Hare”.

Today We are talking about it .

The Hare Jordan 7 features a tongue with a splash of orange and green to nod at Bugs’ cigar-like obsession with carrots while the subtle white and grey upper allows for a Chicago-like True Red to stand out


For the material , Air Jordan 7 utilized the good quality leather to improve the texture feeling for the player .It have a breath hole in the side . that is great if the hot whether .And the colorway is his favorite.

There is a disappointed that the sneakers have  multi folds, scratch more moderate deformation, toe also will be distortion soon if you play longer .

For the traction ,The sole is really a mirror that reflects the way the shoe owner plays. Because if you often breakthrough and stop, you will be feel that the traction is enough to do it .  you dont worry  about the performance .it is great and excellent for the traction . And the bottom line which more improve the grip .


For supporting ,actually the material is a little soft , so the supporting is just so so .Maybe the heel that there are more filler and high top style .So I feel comfortable  even player longer .



There are the stretch that help us to wear .And the 23 logo as the symbol of Jordan .

the tongue is soft and there are also have a logo .JORDAN 

Overall ,the Air Jordan 7 is worth  to buy . the good looking and great cushioning . You never miss it .

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Air Jordan 13 ‘Love & Respect’ Are Inspired by Michael Jordan’s Retirement

Air Jordan 13 Love & Respect Pack

Air Jordan 13 GS Love & Respect Pack

When Michael Jordan left the NBA (as a player) for good in 2003, ending his career with the Washington Wizards, Nike took out a full page ad in newspapers to mark the moment. The ad, published on April 20, 2003, took the form of a letter to the game of basketballpenned by Jordan himself. That tribute is the inspiration behind the new duo of Air Jordan 13s pictured here.

The sneakers feature “Love and Respect” detailing across their uppers, a nod to Jordan’s sign off of “much love and respect” that ended the letter. (Bottom have a Miachael Jordan’s love letter)

The two Air Jordan 13 releases comes dressed in a White and Black color scheme. On the medial side we have ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’ throughout while using 3M Reflective detailing. The men’s version features a White and Black combination while the women’s comes in Black and White. In addition the two will feature ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’ on the lower part of the tongue. The two will feature the same print on the wrapping paper inside of the box.

In the whole , Air Jordan 13 Retro Love  presents the affection of China Yin and Yang ,which integrates the concept of  ‘Love & Respect’ into the design.The Jordan brand also want to share with younger: whether in basketball, life or beloved, we should be put into action.

Air Jordan 13 Love & Respect

The Air Jordan 13 Love & Respect is scheduled to release in China on October 1st, 2017. Once released, the retail price will be $190 while the Grade School edition will cost $140. Once we have more information, we will make sure to update you.


Below you can check out  Air Jordan 13 ‘Love & Respect’  White Image

Below you can check out  Air Jordan 13 GS ‘Love & Respect’ Black Image

Below you can check out Michael Jordan love letter to basketball


It’s been almost 28 years since the first day we met. 28 years since I saw you in the back of our garage. 28 years since my parents introduced us.

If someone would have told me then, what would become of us, I’m not sure I would have believed them. I barely remembered your name.

Then I started seeing you around the neighborhood and watching you on television. I used to see you with guys down at the playground. But when my older brother started paying more attention to you, I started to wonder. Maybe you were different.

We hung out a few times. The more I got to know you, the more I liked you. And as life would have it, when I finally got really interested in you, when I was finally ready to get serious, you left me off the varsity. You told me I wasn’t good enough.

I was crushed. I was hurt. I think I even cried.

Then I wanted you more than ever. So I practiced. I hustled. I worked

on my game. Passing. Dribbling. Shooting. Thinking. I ran. I did sit-ups. I did push-ups. I did pull-ups. I lifted weights. I studied you. I began to fall in love and you noticed. At least that’s what Coach Smith said.

At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on. But now I know. Coach Smith was teaching me how to love you, how to listen to you, how to understand you, how to respect you and how to appreciate you. Then it happened. That night, at the Louisiana Superdome in the final seconds of the championship game against Georgetown, you found me in the corner and we danced.

Since then, you’ve become much more than just a ball to me. You’ve become more than just a court. More than just a hoop. More than just a pair of sneakers. More than just a game.

In some respects, you’ve become my life. My passion. My motivation. My inspiration.

You’ve my biggest fan and my harshest critic. You’re my dearest friend and my strongest ally. You’re my most challenging teacher and my most endearing student. You’re my ultimate teammate and my toughest competitor. You’re my passport around the world and my visa into the hearts of millions.

So much has changed since the first day we met, and to a large degree, I have you to thank. So if you haven’t heard me say it before, let me say it now for the world to hear. Thank you. Thank you, Basketball.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for all the players who came before me. Thank you for all the players who went into battle with me. Thank you for the championships and the rings. Thank you for the All-Star Games and the Playoffs. Thank you for the last shots, the buzzer-beaters, the hard fouls, the victories and the defeats. Thank you for making me earn my keep. Thank you for #23. Thank you for North Carolina and Chicago. Thank you for the air and the nickname. Thank you for the moves and
the hang time. Thank you for the Slam-Dunk Contest. Thank you for the will and the determination, the heart and the soul, the pride and the courage. Thank you for the competitive spirits and the competition to challenge it. Thank you for the failures and the setbacks, the blessings and the applause. Thank you for the triangle. Thank you for baseball and the Barons. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for the assistant coaches, the trainers, and the physical therapists. Thank
you for the announcers, the refs, the writers, the reporters, the broadcasters and the radio stations. Thank you for the Pistons and the Lakers, the Cavs and the Knicks, the Sixers and the Celtics. Thank you for Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and Utah. Thank you for the Wizards. Thank you for the believers and the doubters. Thank you for Coach Smith, Coach Loughery, Coach Albeck, Coach Collins and Coach Jackson. Thank you for the education and the experience. Thank you for teaching me the game behind, beneath, within, above and around the game…the game game. Thank you for every fan who has ever called my name, put their hands together for me and my teammates, slapped me five or patted me on the back. Thank you for everything you’ve given my family. Thank you for the moon and the stars, and last but not least, thank you for Bugs and Mars.

I know I’m not the only one who loves you. I know you have loved many before me and will love many after me. But, I also know what we had was unique. It was special. So as our relationship changes yet again, as all relationships do, one thing is for sure.

I love you, Basketball. I love everything about you and I always will. My playing days in the NBA are definitely over, but our relationship will never end.

Much Love and Respect,
Michael Jordan

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Air Jordan 4 Retro Oreo Performance Review

This is my favorite colorway of the Air Jordan 4 Retro , I have to say it my dream when I was a kid . The Retro+ colorway debuted in the early aughts under the LS branding for lifestyle as Jordan Brand ditched the mesh side panel for a ventilated leather.
We can see more details as below :

The mesh hole in the side improve the textured and ventilation.

In the bottom of gray with the ink dress showing Oreo classic design.

The clean and the comfort/ material quality on these ‘remastered’ entices me.

Though it is fold when playing longer .I am sure the fans of Jordan Oreo not mind it .

The midsole with the ink colorway is a classic design ,also we can the  cushioning seems not bad .

For the logo , we can see the inside , it is show the” Air Jordan ” in the tongue , as always  the jump man logo out of  the tongue .


The jump man logo on the heel also a classic design .



Here is another hight light of the heel —-pull up .


Air Jordan Retro Oreo have a special design —the wing leather , it has been a   classic  design so far.

Overall there’s plenty to be excited about from the return of two classics in the Air Jordan 4 Columbia and Air Jordan 4 Oreo, to some new ideas in the near-monochromatic Air Jordan 4 Teal and the celebratory Air Jordan 4 Laser.

Have you any idea for Air Jordan 4 Oreo? just share with us as below ;

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Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” Performance Review

Much like Michael Jordan throughout the course of his storied NBA career, He make a quick stop to fight the defender Russell’s defense , and jump shot with the the “Last Shot” , Air Jordan 14 is making a second comeback this holiday season. Also the favorite by me .
Remembered as the final shoe MJ laced up as a member of the Chicago Bulls, the “Last Shots” were famously spotted on his feet when he crossed over Bryon Russell of the Utah Jazz and sank the game-winning jumper in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

As a fan , I can talk a lot ,but today we just look close the Air jordan  the “Last Shots”.

First ,we see the box as usually :

I excited about it .

we can see the details

The black-based sneakers feature Bulls style varsity red accenting and Ferrari-inspired Jumpman branding on the lateral ankle.

Air Jordan 14 is the industrial design a pinnacle, from Ferrari car drew a lot of industrial design inspiration, AJ14 matching shoes on the car line, drilling; air holes in the bottom of the sole design; carbon fiber board, almost all from the side of the LOGO JUMPMAN sports car, Jordan reference is made to the horse Ferrari brand and design

Air Jordan 14 is the industrial design a pinnacle, from Ferrari car drew a lot of industrial design inspiration, AJ14 matching shoes on the car line, drilling; air holes in the bottom of the sole design; carbon fiber board, almost all from the side of the LOGO JUMPMAN sports car, Jordan.

Forefeet material is one of the 14 most significant features, not only can make the whole shoe line looks more sharp, but also  increased stability, especially for the defender to multivariate characteristics, this is my personal design very love!

The toe parts usd anti skin texture which  better, but only if there are any dust is magnified, there is a very small Jumpman logo which Jordan symbol.

The front is “JORDAN”, “XIV” is the opposite of Rome figures, by contrast, the engraved tongue slightly shorter than 05 years

The front is “JORDAN” in the tongue . “XIV” is the opposite of Rome figures, by contrast, the engraved tongue slightly shorter than 05 years.

The outsole is exaggerated and turned over to the middle floor. It seems to be an arrow. The design of the inside and outside of the shoe is so high that we can see a beautiful radian from the rear


Herringbone in the bottom , then forefoot is a circle, the middle with “XIV” written in that status, for midsole usd the  originally carbon plate to support , and also it usd TPU  materail too .

We can look close :

Here is the split picture as attached : 

Over the last 12 years, the “Last Shot” has undergone several subtle changes, while maintaining the general look of the classic we all know and love. Perhaps that’s why the reception has been fairly positive each time out. If you’re interested in seeing how the latest incarnation stacks up against the previous one