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Nike Kyrie 4 Performance Review


For Kyrie Irving, it was time for a change. The seeds of this coming of age were planted in the Summer of 2016 after he hit (arguably) the clutch-est shot in the history of the Finals, only to have its magnitude completely overshadowed by LeBron’s chase-down block on Andre Iguodala.


The worldwide debut of the Kyrie 4 comes at a perfect time for Ben Nethongkome, who now joins an extremely exclusive group of individuals to design a Nike signature shoe.


Many new shoes will feel a bit stiff and discomfort at the beginning. I thought that KYRIE 4’s suede material outsole should give me good feeling.

The protective heel of the KYRIE 4 is quite strong.The foam filled with the heel part.When the  lace is fastened, the side of the memory foam will stabilize the entire ankle, which give more  supporting both sides, the  most important is the heel part can give us the most protection when direction  move or jump or fast running.



Kyrie’s new green and white threads undoubtedly add to the aura of a fresh beginning as Leo Chang hands over the delicate reigns of this highly successful line, but the decision to do so would not have been done without confidence.



For the supporting : it is great . The Kyrie 4  with a solid amount of additional structure within the upper,though it is easy ,it still gets the job done perfectly by holding your heel tightly in place. As in the forefoot area these extended traction teeth work in tandem with the Flywire cables to keep your foot from unnecessary side to side movements while making hard cuts or moves.also under the protection of heel part , you can do what you want to do on the court .



For the traction :

Irving is an expert that need more gripping.His emergency stop is quite skillful, so the grip of the KYRIE series has always been a strong point.

It is made of XDR wear-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about the integral shape of the outsole. The “fit” and “elasticity” are the real feelings of the soles of the feet.


As we know , the traction pattern have been a different voice , someone like it traction pattern very much, because of the great grip , but some one dont like this pattern at all, because the Z type pattern is really broken up easier ,if you play in  a clean court ,that is ok,  if you play in outside , I just want to say you just play with money ,and the  Z-type can be broken easier, and it is can not keep clean.. But if you keep them nice & debris-free they will deliver some good ass grip both on the inside and outside.

For the cushioning  : The shoes still features a Zoom Air unit,Zoom Air technology gives runners the benefits of a more responsive and energetic run, it help a lot ,the Zoom Air can rebound from the road, getting runner’s feet on and off the ground quicker into the next stride.So if you play this shoe  , you can do whatever you want , quick shoot or running  and move direction, the zoom air just  did a great job.


In the past, KYRIE shoes are in the pursuit of extreme responsiveness, and they need some sacrifice  of cushioning to pursuit . However, this cushioning is much more comfortable, especially in the forefoot and midsole, which is obviously thicker but giving me more stability .It completely breaks the thin and simple stereotype of the previous KYRIE shoes. Especially for the teeth midsole design , that is special and unique.


Like the outsole, the materials along the upper are a mix of the old and new. Engineered mesh is featured at the forefoot and that provides you with a lightweight material that requires hardly any break-in time


It is  important that I can do my best, but without losing balance, no matter which part of the foot touches the floor, the shoes need to keep me balanced. that is the reason why Kyrie 4 my loved.



Overall:  with a lightweight material and the great cushioning ,  this shoe is worth . Its very well-rounded on all fronts in a way that makes the Kyrie 4 more like a Hyperdunk. There’s fantastic fit .


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