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Nike LeBron 16 , Is It Breakthrough ?

Finally,  Nike released LeBron 16 recently.This is the release of Soldier 15, Nike Air Zoom Generation, Nike Soldier 1 , LeBron Icon, LeBron 3 this year, after the 10th and Witness 2, the seventh pair (excluding color) released by James Endorsement shoes . Of course, it is also the 16th double signature shoe of the  GOAT. Petrie’s been by LeBron’s side through everything from “The Decision” to his return to Cleveland to his latest decision to leave Cleveland again. Petrie has witnessed LeBron mature not only as a basketball player, but also as a person.

So what is new difference or upgrade for this shoe ?

We will check it today .


The LeBron 16 used  a Zoom Max air cushion which thicker than the previous model LeBron 15 , plus a shoe-reinforced Battleknit 2.0. it is the most lightweight material. In addition, the new air-cushion shoe and the lower uppers  has become a new model of signs. Therefore, although I haven’t gotten on the foot, I just visually tested the configuration feelings of these shoes. As a more experienced combat writer, I can tell you that this signature shoes is still  “Basketball Technology Crystal” of Nike.The highest configuration that can be prepared for a pair of front shoes.

LeBron himself boasted “Wow, awesome! This may be my favorite version of LeBron shoes! Look forward to it!”but now there are new color way released again. so we will looking forward it .


For 15 years, LeBron James has been one of the NBA’s most dominant players, and his athleticism, unrelenting professionalism and maturity have made him stand out among contemporary athletes. so he becomes his long-term partner. Nike designer Jason Petrie has a difficult problem: in addition to the basketball shoes that provide enough balance support for the 4th MVP, he also needs to show him more colorful this year.



In fact, BattleKnit 2.0 has experienced more than once design development, which makes Nike “the most tough woven upper” so far, and from the look, you can adjust the height of the tongue separately by LeBron 16 design. And the leather tongue will also come with Flywire straps. This can be said to be a very scientific and rigorous design.

As the Petrie said. “He can tell me this sucks or we can give him an idea or challenge him.” and he said “Now that we have been working together for so long we can talk pretty freely,”That is a true.


The shoe upper Battleknit 2.0 technology, the fabric strength is further enhanced, especially for the lateral impact.And the midsole is upgraded with Max Air Suspension Technology, which has been inherited from the 15th generation.Also outsole outrigger design provides more support.
The first LeBron 16 ‘1 THRU 5’ will be available in designated retail outlets in Greater China in mid-September.



At this stage in LeBron’s career, he’s still pushing the design team to uncharted waters as well. In this current political climate, using sneakers to also make a statement is something Petrie and LeBron are exploring and want to do more of. A game-worn pair of the LeBron 15 “Equality” is now sitting in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.



Nike Basketball is looking to the future as this release acts as a mosaic of the first five colorways of the shoe. “Fresh Bred” (the black/red), King, “SFG”, “20-20”, and “I Promise” all play a role in the composition of this audacious colorway, all while emphasizing the notion of LeBron James playing all five positions on the court.

Nike and Petrie will certainly have a lot of opportunities to do that this NBA season as the league opened up its rules regarding sneaker colorways. Upcoming colorways and makeups of the LeBron 16 between fall and Christmas will center around key touchpoints in LeBron’s life and career.


Jason Petrie said: “LeBron James loves the cushioning system on the last year’s shoes, so this year we are committed to making it better. In addition, we have removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it. It is a bracket structure that reduces the weight of the shoe and provides extra support.”



The color schemes that will be released later are “Triple Black” and the “HFR” high-end design color that is rumored to be only available in female sizes (the male code on StockX, don’t ask me where I came from, I don’t know).


Overall, Although the whole shoe looks very similar to the LeBon 15  , the LeBron 16 has a more substantial improvement based on the previous generation (this is called the Elite version a few years ago). More scientific and practical design and more high-end luxury and connotative design will indeed make people have a desire to buy. If you are a James fan,this LeBron16 will definitely be a good option.

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Nike LeBron 3 “Christ The King” Performance Review

As a basketball fans, we will always think the New York City,New York always gets the newest shoe ,whatever the show or conference. A few days ago, LeBron 3 Christ The King (CTK) was released . I was lucky to get a pair of size  7 .

We will check it today.

For the box ,it is normal nothing special ,the Nike logo with the red color box.


Made for Christ the King High School in Queens, New York, the “CTK” LeBron 3 surfaced in 2006 and was only given to players, friends and family. And now we  this one will be released this year. The details as the same with last model.


For the color way , Nike chose the “Christ The King” PE colorway of the signature shoe – a regal mix of white, gold, and wine red that perfectly matches the 2000s-era Cavaliers uniforms.

And the special LOGO of the Roman numeral 3 , it is mean the LeBron 3 .So that is will be cool.

For the material : The Christ The King is different last model,The CTK used the leather with suede material together.The upper doesn’t want to stay in place during lacing as it always tries to return back to original its form.However the CTK leather material will be easy to scratch, and the material is really stiff.

We can see the details as the pictures.

The word “CTK” in the inside of the toe. CTK is a basketball based pre school located in New York.


For the lace system, it is just the same the 2006 version . the lace can be easy too adjustment.And after getting a decent lace up and adding an extra insole, overall fit is good with no heel slip or movement side to side.

For the cushioning :

CTK used the  Zoom cushioning again ,that is nice . Nike often used the zoom material ,so this one will be the best setting for the basketball.The Lebron III set up is awesome. You can feel the Zoom in the heel and forefoot . It’s firm when it needs to be and plush and responsive is nice too.

We can see the a carbon fiber shank. that is amazing , I never seem the price with this setting ,that is great.

For the traction :

The traction just work well.The rubber just used the stiff rubber tools If you play in the wetting and outside of court, that is not great, you will getting slip anyway. It doesn’t flex very much anywhere (see fit). If an updated version of these are ever made, maybe the the material reason.


For the supporting : The heel counter is actually pretty well, the material is a little stiff, so we can got some supporting from the heel  part.But compare with the Jordan shoes ,I don’t think it is better than the  Jordan shoes, the supporting just enough, Because of the stiff, thick, and squeaky upper materials, along with a very flat outsole provide very good support and stability.





The Nike logo as usually , it is look great.I went with my normal size 10 and these fit fine length and width wise but not so well height wise.

Overall,Nike LeBron 3 “Christ The King”   overall fit, and nice cushioning system ,also the great supporting , though the  traction just so so, but this one is returning , we will be looking forward this one .

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Jordan Super.Fly MVP Performance Review

Jordan’s Super.Fly line is one of the Jumpman’s premier on-court footwear options, combining an attractive aesthetic appeal with the comfort and durability any hooper needs. Next up for the Super.Fly line is the MVP silhouette that Kemba Walker debuted on court during the USA Basketball mini-camp in Las Vegas.


This traction setup is awesome. I’ve been playing in the translucent option and the rubber compound, in conjunction with the traction pattern, work beautifully.


The outsole is composed of five concentric circles, and the distance between the circles is narrow. This kind of grain pattern design contains both horizontal and vertical, which is very similar to the composition principle of fishbone lines. Therefore, the grip naturally shows very stable, especially like its impetuous movement in the lateral direction.

Super.Fly MVP outsole rubber material is hard and the texture is not particularly sticky. The situation is not significant , but it is important to pay attention to the grip when testing in outdoor court. Not as smooth as indoors, there have been sporadic small slips in the forefoot area, but overall the overall grip performance of Super.Fly MVP will still satisfy most wearers.







Super.Fly MVP used a full-foot React midsole. I think React technology is used in Nike and Jordan Brand basketball shoes. First of all, from the  foot court feeling , Super.Fly MVP is much better than Hyperdunk 2017 , Super.Fly 2017, although not as soft  as some Zoom Air, but compared to  Phylon foam material which used in other brand, it  has more obvious rebound elasticity.

The full length  midsole in the Super.Fly MVP, it is also the same as most basketball shoes. The thickness of forefoot configuration means that the cushioning of the front  may be different. However, this situation is not obvious in Super.Fly MVP. I think that the two blocks with different thicknesses have sufficient cushioning, and there is no “pre-hard and soft” condition.

Responsive :


React is also a foaming material that provides excellent and comfortable cushioning in Super.Fly MVP, but at the cost of sacrificing partial response. Super.Fly MVP midsole is obviously thicker, although it does not have a feeling of heightening, but for the shoe friends who rely on the first quick start, the feeling of sticking to the feet is absolutely not satisfactory. In addition, Super.Fly MVP design increases the area of the outsole to contact the ground, unlike most basketball shoes outsole middle section (foot arch position), adopting indentation (small touch area) design, running from time to time will feel This area hinders the natural bending of the feet and is less ergonomic.



Super.Fly MVP used the mesh fabric material, except that the tongue of the Jumpman logo is made of suede material. The mesh fabric is breathable and easy to fit on both feet. At the same time, the lace system is also very cleverly designed. The area consisting of the 5th lace hole is very clever, even a little too strong. Because the Super.Fly MVP tongue has a small amount of filler, it is mainly a thin layer of mesh. If the lace is tied Tight, high-shoes players may be uncomfortable.



If you prefer an old school build with modern design then go with the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays. The rear sections of those shoes are a compression-like neoprene material that suck your feet into the shoe and it feels great.


Super.Fly MVP uses the Performance Fit, but I don’t think it is too wide , but the length is too long. Therefore, we recommended that the  you can choose the normal size but the narrower shoe friend chooses a  small half size. The overall length and width are true. Although the upper of the toe may be slightly tight, the mesh upper can be loosened with a little time. As soon as the foot is wide. If you want to choose the big half, you need to consider the problem of  length of Super.Fly MVP, It  is too long

Supporting :

The Super.Fly midsole has a TPU stabilizer, and the midsole is slightly extended to effectively support the feet, and the Reaction is important. but effectively enhances the stability . To the support, it is a pity that the design failed to extend to the forefoot area. The lack of such an Outrigger-like design resulted in a slight lack of protection for the valgus and rollover.

The ankle support can be regarded as one of the best points of the Super.Fly MVP shoes. The “V” shape on the left and right sides of the collar, the position of the 6th and 7th lace holes, and the stabilizer from the midsole to the heel, three There are complementary support effects,  there will be no excessive restraint on the ankles of the high-heeled basketball shoes, which may cause troubles in the activities of the ankles.


Weight :

The right foot weighs 394 grams, Super.Fly MVP is a high top basketball shoe, but its weight  is not too heavy compared with most of the recent medium and low type  basketball shoes on the market, the big reason is due to the use Lightweight upper material.


Overall, Super.Fly MVP is closer to the design of “team basketball shoes” than the popular Super.Fly 1 to Super.Fly 3. The weight, cushioning, protection and other configurations are  nice . And the performance of shoes almost can meet the needs of all types of players on the basketball court.

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Air Jordan 29 Performance Review

The Tinker Hatfield-designed Air Jordan 29 is very much a performance shoe, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t show up in more casual settings in the future.This time we’re zooming in on the Air Jordan XX9 in black and team orange – that’s the one with the jumbo Jumpman branding across the side and the more covert elephant print touches.

We check it out below :

The Air Jordan XX9’s ankle support comes from a tight internal foam. Compared to the Air Jordan XX8 , the supporting of Air Jordan 29 will be better.The ankle supporting of Air Jordan 29 were from the padding on both side of the shoes  with  irregular filling on the inside of the heel, which can covered  whole ankle. But the material of the upper itself is soft, so there is no way to get full marks here. However, this is also the footfeel of AJ XX9, which has a close-fitting .




For material ,the upper is made by Performance Woven. When the designer sees the car “airbag”, which instantly bursts and bears the impact.The designer determined to find fabric technology that can carry this impact;  Tinker Hatfield found the material of tie which he describes the technology in HD (high quality) . then you’re reminded of how awesome they feel – being so broken in – when it comes time to mow your lawn.


Performance Woven can bring amazing performance, like the Wings poster under the Air Jordan XX9 is a piece of cloth woven by this technology, you can see Michael Jordan’s beard can see it carefully.


The sample of  Air Jordan XX9 is  hand-painted directly on the fabric model by Tinker Hatfield, it can be seen in the design of the outsole wave pattern.



Performance Woven fits the soles of the feet more than any other shoe. The Air Jordan XX9’s upper is almost entirely composed of the outer Performance Woven and the lining of the fabric.  Generally, when the shoes are put on, you can feel the gap between the upper and the instep, and even feel the covering and supporting details of each part. After wearing the twenty-nine generations for the first time, people will not know how to describe them at once. The feeling of the feet of these shoes, because on the inside of the skull, the instep, is almost the extension of the feet.


The  HighlightPlate in the middle is the elegant performance of the Air Jordan XX9. In addition to the elastic plane that the forefoot touches the Zoom Air, the valley shape of the arch is grounded with a foam midsole, allowing the front and rear  forefoot to get  a smoother connection, HighlightPlate  play an important functional core role inside and outside.

For Responsive

Most of the Air Jordan XX9’s mid-outole structure can be said to be from the previous generation Air Jordan XX8. However, since the Air Jordan XX8 has been built for more than two years, the design team has mastered the FlightPlate feature. In the past two years, Air Jordan 28, Melo 10, Super.Fly 2 and Dominate Pro training shoes ,all of theses shoes used FlightPlate , although Air Jordan XX9 usd the FlightPlate, but the feet are different. For XX9, the distance difference between the center of the forefoot and the two sides is lowered, so that the XX9 has a more obvious sense of the ground. The foot can be touched to the ground with a smaller left and right roll. In fact, the feeling of the field is better than the start of the XX8. “Quick” is a little bit better. It can be said that the feature that FlightPlate allows Zoom Air to give back and adds a better court feeling .




This time, the HighlightPlate exposed in the middle is the elegant performance of the Air Jordan XX9. In addition to the elastic plane that the forefoot touches the Zoom Air, the valley shape of the arch is grounded with a foam midsole, allowing the front and rear palms to move. Get a smoother connection, and play an important functional core role inside and outside.

Traction: When I first laid eyes on the outsole pattern, but not quite up to the same level as the XX8.The traction of the Air Jordan XX9 actually still really good. Especially we play in the inside court , the grip is great.In contrast, due to the special structure of the sole  (We can felt the center of the forefoot is slightly higher than the surrounding area ), So the area of the ground is relatively small when I land it. I think the feeling of the Air Jordan XX9 is not a drag, as long as with a slight shift in the center of gravity.



Air Jordan XX9 ‘s box was opened “Air Jordan XX9 is only suitable for indoor venues”. In normal indoor venues, the situation is not bad, because Performance Woven weaving Like the block cloth, plus the midsole TPU, both are materials that are not prone to creases. It is not difficult to keep the appearance of the product carefully, but the four-layer weave Performance Woven  will be  more durability

I also tried the Air Jordan XX9, Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low and Nike KD7 shoes,  from the almost dazzling integration of technology of theses shoes , I think these shoes have their own characteristics,but I like this  Air Jordan 29 best


Overall,Air Jordan 29 made it work better then added some new tech on top of that. They took something great and made it even better


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Whats The Difference Between Air Jordan 30 and Air Jordan 29?

Since Jordan Brand’s first unveil in Chicago last January, there have been many discussions surrounding the shoe’s design process to Air Jordan XX9 midsole similarities, but whatever your thoughts are, this shoe marks the latest addition to MJ’s historic sneaker line.

AIR JORDAN has gone through its 30th anniversary, and many of its products have become classics of different times. The design teams of Tinker Hatfield and JORDAN BRAND are dedicated to creating the most unique pair of AIR JORDAN with innovative technology and top-level configuration, aiming to bring the highest performance basketball shoes to the JORDAN family. After more than a year of waiting, the endless AIR JORDAN 30  finally released .

What do you think of Jordan Brand’s 30th signature model? And how about the difference  performance between  Air Jordan 30 and 29 ?

The low counterpart to Jordan Brand’s first woven silhouette has turned some heads thanks to the performance aspects blending in rather nicely with a lifestyle-grade leather heel that boldly features ’23’ branding.

Air Jordan 30 re-use to same midsole from the Air Jordan XX9 has been the biggest point of discussion for this significant release, but the brand states that the choice was deliberate given the athlete’s comments regarding the high performance of that sole.

For the material :

The Air Jordan 29 used the performance Woven. Designers are determined to find something material like  fabric technology  when they see the “airbag” of a car moving, and the upper texture of the 29th model  has a similar knitting degree of “tie” fineness. Designer Tinker Hatfield  he describe the potential of this technology with high-quality and fitness material .

Just know that the upper feels great and it actually is supportive. One thing to note is that you’ll receive a better fit and experience the more you wear them.

Then the Air Jordan 30 , the Air Jordan 30 debuts an “exclusive mix of woven, knit and printed materials.” The woven upper provides a much stronger feeling as it’s more tightly knit. Additionally, the knit at the ankle and the interior is stated as offering “softness and breath-ability.



The concept of releasing ZOOM AIR  has been the core  JORDAN BRAND since its application on AIR JORDAN XX8 – the FLIGHTPLATE system. The design mainly sets ZOOM AIR closer to the outsole and transmits the responsiveness of the cushioning board to improve the movement and cushioning performance. After two years of used, the performance has been recognized, and the FLIGHTPLATE system on AIR JORDAN XX9 has been hailed by designer Tinker Hatfield as the best cushioning system of AIR JORDAN.
AIR JORDAN XXX follows the similar configuration of AIR JORDAN XX9. The core ZOOM AIR of the whole system is also configured on the forefoot. It is surrounded by the PHYLON material as the midsole bracket and is newly named FLIGHTSPEED system.
At first, wearing AIR JORDAN XXX, the ZOOM AIR resilience of the forefoot more like the AIR JORDAN XX9.



AIR JORDAN XXX’s biggest focus is on the heel, a mark made of Roman numerals XXX, the theme of the 30th anniversary and the pattern that represents the Nets are very distinctive, but at the same time the entire heel is also put a lot . First pay attention to the collar, the asymmetrical design inside and outside to create the required flexibility.The collar need more higher, but also adds a thick layer of insulation to the inner layer of the collar, surrounded by knitted cotton material when putting on and tightening the last set of laces, you will feel that the ankles are covered by thick cotton collars, and the material is soft, so the flexibility of the ankles is quite high, and it feels like socks. The same, soft and comfortable , flexible than the AIR JORDAN XX9

AIR JORDAN XXX’s heel inner boot also features a thick cotton protective layer to fill the gaps in Achilles’s crepe and a TPU stable design inside the shoe. we can felt more  Achilles’s wrap after playing longer. The design inside and outside has successfully filled the gap on the ankle. The support of the ankle is quite good. It is more effective than the AIR JORDAN XX9. The most surprising thing is that the insole of the inner cage is designed with anti-slip rubber, which completely locks the feet , reducing the sliding condition when playing.

AIR JORDAN XXX’s inner and outer design of the shoe is quite great. Compared with the 4 th model of AIR JORDAN ,the shoe tube is extremely flexible and has sufficient protection. The support is extraordinary; However, it is worthwhile. Note that the design is based on the sticking, but more comfortable inside


For supporting :

The FLIGHTSPEED on AIR JORDAN XXX is a little different from the FLIGHTPLATE system in AIR JORDAN XX9, which is the TPU on the outside (the red grid position above). On the AIR JORDAN XX9, a hard TPU shell is found around the midsole, which makes the heel hard and lacks explosive force. The rebound feels like being sealed. The AIR JORDAN XXX midsole only has the forefoot. The TPU shell is used on both sides, and the TPU shell is not equipped with the TPU shell to lock the PHYLON. It is more comfortable to wear than the AIR JORDAN XX9. The slight design changes the comfort of the midsole and becomes the biggest difference between the two.




For the traction :


Compared with AIR JORDAN XX8 / XX9 / XXX, the ZOOM AIR section of AIR JORDAN XX8 is still the most prominent one. The components used are also the most complicated ones. The rebound response is quite remarkable. This kind of strong rebound The PHYLON bracket from the midsole is matched with ZOOM AIR, which utilizes the elasticity of PHYLON to release more feedback energy from ZOOM AIR. The design is forward-looking for this kind of traction.But this combination also produces strength dispersion and durability of ZOOM AIR.




AIR JORDAN XXX’s midsole followed  the concept of the previous model  XX9 and improves the midsole design. It only adds the TPU shell to the PHYLON midsole and the outer layer of the forefoot, which makes the feedback energy of ZOOM AIR more concentrated, improving the power dispersion and heel bias. The midsole uses the Tendril Bridge to play a touring role, making the forefoot and heel movements more consistent and stable, providing excellent response and motivation for the footsteps.



Whether it is the FLIGHTPLATE or FLIGHTSPEED system, the concept of releasing the explosive power of ZOOM AIR is taken as a concept; The PHYLON and ZOOM AIR becomes the key to supporting and feedback. The midsole performance of AIR JORDAN XXX is roughly the same as that of XX9. Because the design is the same as 80% to 90%, the focus is on the TPU case, which is followed by the midsole. The Air Jordan 30  more comfortable than the XX9, while maintaining excellent cushioning.

Overall , After the release of AIR JORDAN XXX, it is generally considered to be a continuation of AIR JORDAN XX9. If it says that the advanced version of XX9 is better than the ultimate version; the reinforcement of the shoe makes the foot more secure, and the material are more strong and comfortable. The PHYLON of the midsole is more coordinated with the TPU casing, thanks to the traditionally detailed design. But the Air Jordan 29 still as the classic one .



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Nike LeBron 15 “Graffiti” Performance Review

LeBron debuted a “Graffiti” colorway of his LeBron 15 silhouette dressed primarily in white and black. I bought it late, because of I waited for a good price , for this one , actually give me a great  performance , we will talking it details .


The King’s latest sneaker? It’s somehow made for both, and it’ll draw eyeballs both on the court and off. Off the court, there’s the distinct look, something futuristic, driven by what Nike calls BattleKnit.The biggest important of the Lebron 15 is the upgraded version of the Flyknit upper (Battleknit), which feels like a combination of Flyknit and Flyweave.
Flyweave, also known as Performance Woven, is a more robust and more complex weaving process than KD8, Air Jordan 29 to Air Jordan 31. It is a bit durable, strong and has good support. but I felt a little  it is stiff and bad ventilation than Flyknit shoes .If you dont like the stiff upper used on the LeBron 13 and the cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 14, you may find that the material will be the favorite one of your choose.



Battleknit is more like a good combine between Flyknit and Flyweave, this kind of material keep the  Flyknit comfort and Flyweave sturdiness.
The collar of Lebron 15 is much easier to wear than the previous version , and the black area is more elastic and does not cause pressure on the foot. The wrap is strong and the width of the forefoot is moderate. personally I  like it, the court  feeling  is great.
The cross-stitched diamond weave of the Lebron 15 looks more strong and  actually this material provides some support for the upper.


Supporting :

For the supporting , though Battleknit is more comfortable and nice supporting , but because of the design of ankle  which without supporting , it is almost give up the protection of ankle , that is dangerous,especially for the fast running .


Looking at the Lebron 14, the supporting of Lebron 14 will be better than Lebron 15. because of the Lebron 14 give more attention of the supporting , this one will be  lockdown and protection than 15. For the  Lebron 15 , nine times out of ten it happens to be support that you giving up.

Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. However, the midsole and outsole lack a wide enough base and it really hurt the lateral stability and overall support.


Although a TPU has been added to the Phylon midsole of the Lebron 15, this only improves the torsion resistance of the sneakers. Lebron 15, which has no rollover prevention, so we feel unstability.
The Battleknit upper is also unable to make up, and there is no under-supporting problem caused by the anti-rollover angle design. On the Lebron 10, on the outside of the upper, a long TPU is used to strengthen the side support. This improves the overall stability of the shoe, and the Lebron 15 has nothing but the Battleknit upper. as we know the material just have been not enough of the supporting and protection .

But the BattleKnit material changes the game here, too: These LeBrons have a tight, sock-like fit, and the material locks your foot to the sole nicely. The resulting shoe is comfortable, and it moves with you on the court, without ever feeling overly tight.

Regarding the protection design of the toe anti-stepping, the integrated Battleknit upper is reinforced at the big mother’s toe, and the Lebron 15’s toe anti-tread is still much better than the Lebron 14.

For the cushioning :

The Lebron series has always been a “top cushioning”. Of course, Lebron 15’s cushioning is also the technology part that everyone cares about. The LeBron 15 is use Zoom Air combined with Max Air’s cushioning  at firstly.
Note that for the first time, the air cushion of the LeBron 15 is completely different from the LeBron 10, and the air cushion of the LeBron 15 is more like the “Zoom Max”. I guess that the more  weight  guy will be  like this kind of cushion much , but for the light guy , they can not felt the zoom .



LeBron 15 features four-way articulated ZOOM Air & MAX Air mesh up together with pretty thick Phylon layer on top to keep all this AIR madness controlled. And of course, this particular setup alone from a construction stamp point, reminds me of the KD 9’s articulated ZOOM Air tooling.


The Lebron logo as usually .

For the traction :

LeBron 15’s outsole pattern uses a small scale-like small grain pattern, which performs well in a clean indoor grip, but it is greatly reduced in terms of dust and water. It may also be a small stone collector in the field.

They didn’t live up to my expectations completely, as the performance wasn’t on that hall of fame level even though, this particular colorway features a solid rubber compound with a translucent one. Maybe the  translucent



I didn’t feel clumsy or high of the ground like with the past LeBron’s sneakers. The 15 does play completely different from what we used to since the tooling itself plays whole lot lighter & smoother, delivering enjoyable heel to toe transition.

The signature of the pull tab.


Overall,  the ZOOM Air and MAX Air midsole that does deliver ton of impact protection and bouncy ride , and translucent traction just ok, but the grip is great.

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Air Jordan 30 Performance Review

Since Jordan Brand’s first unveil in Chicago last January, there have been many discussions surrounding the shoe’s design process to Air Jordan XX9 midsole similarities,  this shoe marks the latest addition to MJ’s historic sneaker line.

But how about the performance review ?

The Air Jordan 30th Anniversary Air Jordan XXX was dominated by Tinker Hatfield.when Michael Jordan asked him to spearhead the anniversary model’s design during a pre-birthday dinner. Realizing that he was up against time, Hatfield sketched an initial concept the following day.“The next morning I drew a shoe,” Hatfield explains. “Because I knew I was in deep trouble. We had no time. Then I realized it wasn’t good enough to sketch a shoe. I asked for that particular photo of Michael in the slam dunk contest and then I drew.”

Tinker Hatfield originally painted a pair of shoes, but found that the time is actually quite limited, if it is just enough to draw a pair of shoes.



Tinker Hatfield looked for a photo from Michael Jordan’s  photos, and find a picture  that the basketball turn to earth . Michael Jordan’s body is a cosmic starry sky, and the body  is symbolized ‘ XXX’. Finally, combined with the shape of the Nets, it seems that Michael Jordan  like a shining star in the vast universe, he can hold everything in the Earth.The photo Hatfield references is the other iconic image from the 1988 dunk contest, a front angle of Jordan with the ball cocked behind his ear and legs bent beneath his body. The figure in the illustration was transformed into a character Hatfield calls “Mister Cosmos,” the inspiration behind the Jordan XXX’s galactic theme.


NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan (23) in action, making dunk during All Star Weekend, View of scoreboard at Chicago Stadium, Chicago.

Yeah , this is the model of shoes.

For the box , it is just naothig special…

For the material :

Michael Jordan has hope to find a shoes with a sense of speed. Air Jordan XXX also uses the Nets with XXX Roman numerals to present this atmosphere.

Air Jordan XXX has an asymmetrical collar, which reminds us of the design of the Air Jordan XII, combined with the composition of the knitted fabric, making it softer.

The representative feature of the Air Jordan series is the  part of “toe”. Because Michael Jordan has always been obsessed with the slightly curved shape of the toe, take as Air Jordan XI  an example.Air Jordan also has difference desugn, and with the new printing technology designed by Mark Smith, the Air Jordan XXX is quite durable and breathable.“exclusive mix of woven, knit and printed materials.” The woven upper provides a much stronger feeling as it’s more tightly knit. Additionally, the knit at the ankle and the interior is stated as offering “softness and breath-ability.” So the court feeling is great .



For the traction :The Air Jordan 30  continuing the Flight Speed structure of the Air Jordan XX9, it will be the best shoe sole in Jordan Brand’s previous generations.“Excellence is never second place.” The new traction pattern utilized on the outsole was a nice feature. While the traction is inspired by the quote “Excellence is never second place,” the traction on the Air Jordan 30 was better than the Air Jordan 29.The traction does execute well on very clean courts, but I still find that it could be improved.

However I found the  traction was a slight step back,  I dont know why or just only me felt this problem , the  concept of utilizing a 3D inspired herringbone pattern to magnify Jordan’s pinnacle standard.


Through the technology of 3D printing technology, it also meets the needs of top players like Russell Westbrook.

For the cushioning : Actually the Air Jordan 30  utilizes the same cushion set up as the Air Jordan 29,  if you play the air Jordan 29 before , you much know the cushioning actually great , you can felt a little responsive and feedback ,especially for jump and move direction, you can felt more this feeling .You feel the prominent forefoot Zoom and the cored out portion of the heel for impact compression. The Zoom on these felt a little bit better compared to the 29. I would much rather prefer full length Zoom or a combination or forefoot and heel Zoom.


I think that the cushioning and the support of the bounce are important of  performances . For me , the best cushioning shoe is the LeBron  10. The cushion of the full length zoom cushion is suitable for the guy who  with great weight. Buffering will affect the reaction speed. The double Air Jordan30’s cushioning  effect is more suitable for the guard. The cushioning rate is just right, but the response speed feedback is great.


We  can see the gif picture as above.


For the supporting : Knitted material provides a sense of  supporting , and reduces the amount of adhesive required for the shoemaking process. Tinker Hatfield said that they continue to learn from the failures and learn from the successes.“Weaving” provides the equivalent strength of the Air Jordan XXX, providing sufficient protection for the ankle, while the “knit” material provides softness and breathability.

The heel counter dug into the back of my heel and Achilles which caused discomfort and created blisters. but the heel counter kept my foot in place.  you can do what you want to do but dont worry . I tried lacing the shoe without the top eyelet ,then the shoes will more lockdown my ankle, it a great protection.


Overall , actually the goal for   “Performance brand of excellence,”  “Excellence is never second place.“ , that is success and this Air Jordan 30 have been popular in the sneaker world. that is amazing . Nike and Jordan Brand are the pinnacle when it comes to athletic performance and doing things outside the box. I’m hoping adjustments will be made and the individuals assigned testing particular shoes will be more thorough. But for the material and cushioning ,  they are nice .

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Nike Kyrie 4 Performance Review


For Kyrie Irving, it was time for a change. The seeds of this coming of age were planted in the Summer of 2016 after he hit (arguably) the clutch-est shot in the history of the Finals, only to have its magnitude completely overshadowed by LeBron’s chase-down block on Andre Iguodala.


The worldwide debut of the Kyrie 4 comes at a perfect time for Ben Nethongkome, who now joins an extremely exclusive group of individuals to design a Nike signature shoe.


Many new shoes will feel a bit stiff and discomfort at the beginning. I thought that KYRIE 4’s suede material outsole should give me good feeling.

The protective heel of the KYRIE 4 is quite strong.The foam filled with the heel part.When the  lace is fastened, the side of the memory foam will stabilize the entire ankle, which give more  supporting both sides, the  most important is the heel part can give us the most protection when direction  move or jump or fast running.



Kyrie’s new green and white threads undoubtedly add to the aura of a fresh beginning as Leo Chang hands over the delicate reigns of this highly successful line, but the decision to do so would not have been done without confidence.



For the supporting : it is great . The Kyrie 4  with a solid amount of additional structure within the upper,though it is easy ,it still gets the job done perfectly by holding your heel tightly in place. As in the forefoot area these extended traction teeth work in tandem with the Flywire cables to keep your foot from unnecessary side to side movements while making hard cuts or moves.also under the protection of heel part , you can do what you want to do on the court .



For the traction :

Irving is an expert that need more gripping.His emergency stop is quite skillful, so the grip of the KYRIE series has always been a strong point.

It is made of XDR wear-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about the integral shape of the outsole. The “fit” and “elasticity” are the real feelings of the soles of the feet.


As we know , the traction pattern have been a different voice , someone like it traction pattern very much, because of the great grip , but some one dont like this pattern at all, because the Z type pattern is really broken up easier ,if you play in  a clean court ,that is ok,  if you play in outside , I just want to say you just play with money ,and the  Z-type can be broken easier, and it is can not keep clean.. But if you keep them nice & debris-free they will deliver some good ass grip both on the inside and outside.

For the cushioning  : The shoes still features a Zoom Air unit,Zoom Air technology gives runners the benefits of a more responsive and energetic run, it help a lot ,the Zoom Air can rebound from the road, getting runner’s feet on and off the ground quicker into the next stride.So if you play this shoe  , you can do whatever you want , quick shoot or running  and move direction, the zoom air just  did a great job.


In the past, KYRIE shoes are in the pursuit of extreme responsiveness, and they need some sacrifice  of cushioning to pursuit . However, this cushioning is much more comfortable, especially in the forefoot and midsole, which is obviously thicker but giving me more stability .It completely breaks the thin and simple stereotype of the previous KYRIE shoes. Especially for the teeth midsole design , that is special and unique.


Like the outsole, the materials along the upper are a mix of the old and new. Engineered mesh is featured at the forefoot and that provides you with a lightweight material that requires hardly any break-in time


It is  important that I can do my best, but without losing balance, no matter which part of the foot touches the floor, the shoes need to keep me balanced. that is the reason why Kyrie 4 my loved.



Overall:  with a lightweight material and the great cushioning ,  this shoe is worth . Its very well-rounded on all fronts in a way that makes the Kyrie 4 more like a Hyperdunk. There’s fantastic fit .


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Under Armour ClutchFit® Drive 3 Performance Review

Under Armour  ClutchFit® Drive 3 is the 3rd version of the ClutchFit® collection. ClutchFit® Drive is the main shoe series for S. Curry, who have been not the signature shoes at present  , so the ClutchFit® series can also be said to be Curry’s exclusive boots.

How about the performance  for this shoe?

The ClutchFit® series of shoes has always been known for die-cut EVA sockliner provides underfoot cushioning & support,webbed loop, speed-lacing system and abrasion-resistant TPU toe cap protects against toe drag & increases durability.


Traction :


The  full length of the ClutchFit® Drive 3 is combined with the Charge Cushioning energy midsole and the Micro G foam material layer. The Charge Cushioning energy midsole is a common midsole material for the UA running shoe series. In basketball shoes, the  full length cushioning’s performance is nice , whatever the responsive and feedback.


it’s herringbone, and it covers the outsole completely. But it’s flat, completely flat; the grooves are flattened off, the sole is flat from front to back, and it seems to have no bite ability. because the Clutchfit Drive 3 sticks.but the grip  actually nice , even the traction actually just so so.

The herringbone pattern on the sole give the shoes a good grip.


The black and red color look more elegant . In recent years, the design of the shoes has emphasized the fancy look, and the ClutchFit® Drive 3 look will be more unique . Red laces, set against the black color, look bright and vibrant. The arrow-like lines on the side of the shoe, along with the UA classic LOGO on the side of the shoe, make the pair of shoes full of texture.


ClutchFit® Drive 3 is not like the sole design of a typical shoe, it will make people feel very slippery. ClutchFit® Drive 3 allows me  to do a lot of emergency stop and accelerate the movement. The ClutchFit® series was once a good partner for Curry to play on the court. It provides the most important core elements behind the various cut-in actions of the guards.



Charged and Micro G layered together makes everything better. When the Clutchfit 1 came out the looks were the first thing that made the public stay away — true hightop, loud colors, weird webbing. But when the shoe was tried on, and the Micro G was felt, the shoe sold itself.

ClutchFit® Drive 3 is not like the sole design of a typical shoe, it will make people feel very slippery. ClutchFit® Drive 3 allows the author to do a lot of emergency stop and accelerate the movement. The ClutchFit® series was once a good partner for Curry to play on the court. It provides the most important core elements behind the various cut-in actions of the guards, namely the grip and brake functions.


I just running the ClutchFit® Drive 3  for jumps, shots, layups, etc., in addition to its weight does not affect the jump, the cushioning ability of the shoes after landing also impressed me. In addition, ClutchFit® Drive 3’s composite midsole design greatly reduces the impact of basketball running and jumping, which is very important for basketball players’ heels and knees.

ClutchFit® Drive 3’s Charged Cushioning energy midsole combined with the Micro G foam layer is designed to slow down the impact of running and jumping, but it also achieves the spring bounce function, allowing people to land or brake. Can generate enough momentum to immediately proceed to the next action. I  did  some sprinting, slamming and stopping with ClutchFit® Drive 3 , the responsive and feedback also great.




When the laces are pulled tight, the tongue pulls down and the foot is sucked into the midsole, so the lockdown is nice too.The ankle cut and high lacing keeps the heel from sliding around and when the heel counter gets involved, so the fitting is great. you can buy the true size.

Overall , UNDER ARMOUR has been able popularity  in the basketball market.  I believes that high-tech design is in line with the targeted needs of players. ClutchFit® Drive 3 is a pair of high-tech shoes that meet the needs of basketball players.


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Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

Nike released one less expensive to rep the Boston star thanks to his new shoe, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap.Also it is one of the Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe, and it is just like the Kyrie 4 , but the price will be lower , I mean all of design are like the Nike Kyrie 4.

We will check it out  today.

The Flytrap name itself is a nod to his homeland of Australia, where the Venus Flytrap plant is prevalent . It’s evident that Nike has some big plans for this shoe.


On the upper material, KYRIE FLYTRAP adopts a cheap thin mesh build . The toe cap portion is added with a heat welded  fuse which more protection. The black  instep adds a nylon elastic strap to increase the fit between the upper and the instep, also we can see the logo of Irving .Also  the heel have a number  corresponds to his jersey one.

The material is pretty lightweight at just 11.6 oz, but the strength of the material isn’t compromised too much being that a woven tends to tighten up when more force is applied.




The bottom design followed  KYRIE 4, it is look similarity with the Kyrie 4. The forefoot section has the same crack design as the KYRIE 4  The rubbing pattern is also  followed the KYRIE 4, , but the composite V-shaped arrangement is slightly different.

KYRIE FLYTRAP only uses a hexagonal zoom air cushion in the forefoot. The air cushion is placed at the forefoot force point, which brings more feedback on the start.We can check the specific performance as below :


Wrapping and Supporting :

First of all, let’s take a look at the  wrapping  and support of FLYTRAP, because this pair of Flytrap adopts a thinner upper than the Kyrie 4 ,maybe the price reason , and the warrping and support are slightly down in comparison with the Kyrie 4 . The kind of thick feeling,  I can feel not enough for the supporting ,especial when doing some fast move , the toe is more obvious under external force.


For the wrapping just nice. The tongue and the collar are also close to the foot when the sneaker is changing direction. The overall feeling space of the forefoot is similar to that of KYRIE4. The space is large, and the foot and the wrapping are tightly locked, so that the feet in freedom and stability .


After reducing the redesigned upper, the FLYTRAP also has a reduced weight,because of used the lightweight material. The single shoe weighs 350g, compare with other shoes ,like the Jordan and so on , it is lighter . It has excellent weight control in the middle and low sneakers, taking into account the half-hand boot.Then the  tongue design  will be innovation ,  tongue is slightly weaker than the traditional tongue, and the adjustable ability of the shoelace is lower than that of the traditional tongue.




Cushioing :

The cushion in the Nike Kyrie Flytrap is similarity with the Kyrie 4 . Well, not quite Curry level minimal, but for a Nike budget model, the Phylon and small Hex Zoom Air are about all you can expect nowadays.

A smaller hexagonal ZOOM AIR provides feedback  when playing on the court. The overall material is lightweight, which is not suitable for the needs of large-weight guys. For the lighter with the speed is fast , this one is the best choice .





The traction is nice  is similar looking to that of the Nike Kyrie 4. The main difference is the way the pattern is implemented in each model, and it was done more aggressively in the Kyrie 4 than in the Flytrap.The zigzag friction pattern of  traction allows us to felt a feedback in all areas,that is  enough .The grip performance is also the basis of complex  and lighter guys



For anti-torsion part,  we just said that although the thinner FLYTRAP upper is lightweight , the stable midsole structure makes it very resistant to mid-base deformation, even if the positioning of the mid-end does not affect the actual performance, The built-in TPU support bar ensures the overall rigidity of the sneaker. You can directly feel the feedback of the ground force when wearing it. It will not increase the risk of injury due to the deformation of the midsole due to the uncertainty of the landing angle.While the pattern on the Flytrap is flat, it wasn’t half bad depending on the court you played on.




Overall, I loved the Cushlon midsole and heel Zoom Air setup on the shoe much more than the basic setup found here. The Nike Kyrie Flytrap was a solid performance model on-court. It doesn’t quite offer the fit that I prefer in the forefoot so for that reason I’d rather lace up the Kyrie 4 , but this one price is lower , and all of the performance is nice too .